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Discussion in 'Build Bugs' started by lcalabrese, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. lcalabrese

    lcalabrese Powder Monkey

    If I start to recruit pirates, then click on a completed voyage to bring the ship back, some of the recruiting orders are being canceled. (I haven't kept a close enough eye to see if I am being refunded the hire cost, but I most likely am not?)

    This happens even if I send the ship back out on a voyage with its original crew before any new pirates are recruited.

    So say I start recruiting the max of 20 pirates. Then while they are being recruited I bring back a crew of 3 and immediately send it on a new voyage. Only 17 pirates will be recruited and if I look at the orders, 3 of them have disappeared.
  2. Gangrene Beard

    Gangrene Beard Commodore

    You won't get a refund of pirates. They're looking into a queuing system to remedy this. Not sure if it's arriving with the next update, but rest assured it's being addressed.

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