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Discussion in 'Guild Strategies' started by EDouble2675, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. EDouble2675

    EDouble2675 Powder Monkey

    Since it looks like this is where the discussion about Guild Perks go, I thought I would start one on the Observatory. First of all, I'm regretting upgrading my guild hall and building the observatory. Why? Because I'm shocked that to "fund" the observatory you need to expend your precious BP. I'm still trying my best to accumulate enough BP to upgrade my Academy to lvl 5 and beyond. In order to contribute 5% to "fund", you must expend 50 BP or the equivalent of 4 or 5 battle wins, which is almost 2 1/2 hours worth of recruiting. Will this change in the future? I just can't see anyone wanting to fund this so called "perk" when we so desperately need those BPs for building upgrades. Thoughts?
  2. Gangrene Beard

    Gangrene Beard Commodore

    Wow, yeah that seems a bit excessive but then I imagine it's by design to be used by players that are quite a bit higher up in BP
  3. donkeykilla

    donkeykilla First Mate

    I built it as well only because what else am I gonna use gold on while waiting for PH6 to finish upgrading. But it's useless. Why would I use BP to shorten exploration time by 10%? Even if it were 90% I wouldn't use BP to fund it.
  4. Might be a good idea to switch it to exploration points instead. Makes more sense to me, since it makes it easier to explore. Spend some ep to accumulate ep faster.
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  5. Gangrene Beard

    Gangrene Beard Commodore

    I imagine that if enough people complain then its function and cost may change
  6. EDouble2675

    EDouble2675 Powder Monkey

    Totally agree Ferret!
  7. Gristle

    Gristle First Mate

    Great idea,the only down side is that eventually you get to 100% of the map and then you won't be getting that resource. Although I am sure that might be taken care of eventually as the game matures.
  8. Kit

    Kit First Mate

    There will be additional maps, according to Chris. That's going to be a killer feature.
  9. Gristle

    Gristle First Mate

    Agreed and I figured that would be the case.
  10. Gangrene Beard

    Gangrene Beard Commodore

    As the game evolves, some features will expand and others will likely fade away. Good devs look for that stuff, but it's our job to let them know where the successes are as well as the shortcomings.
  11. Even with 100% on your map you can still explore to gain ep. It's about the journey, not the destination.
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  12. Good thing I read this forum, my guild is just about to require our members to have an observatory by Nov the 15th.. Maybe need to reverse this one..
  13. DeckSwabber

    DeckSwabber Powder Monkey

    Observatory right now seems waste of resources. Why not have it changed to giving you a faster travel, use exploration points, and have it give you a 10% advantage going into any ship battle as you in real life gain advantages positioning your ship in attacking. no help for monsters or forts.
    Guild perks should be less costly to encourage group coma dearie and max perk 25% donation. The designers of this game would profit from building team spirit and the consumer with a fair return on play.
  14. Mark'sha

    Mark'sha Powder Monkey

    too late, Fish! already buided it :)
  15. Damn you..! No kidding had some talk with Zigg and Black Beard and we decided to go on with it.
  16. Edward Kenway

    Edward Kenway Captain

    I think the observatory is more of a late game perk, when you have upgraded the academy to max and built the stun mortars and have lots of BP left.
  17. Gangrene Beard

    Gangrene Beard Commodore

    Yeah, but the completionist in me is going to build it regardless
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  18. Mark'sha

    Mark'sha Powder Monkey

    i thinks it helps a little bit, if u are planning to explore. i'm doing so and for medium voyages u see the difference
  19. Neckbeard

    Neckbeard Crew

    It's one more building that attackers have to kill to get to your resources and/or pirate hall, so there's that.

    10% just seems to chintzy to be worth it.
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  20. Mark'sha

    Mark'sha Powder Monkey

    imao when i'm exploring i am glad i have that thiny 10%.
    of course i would be happiier if it was let's say 20%, given the fact that it cost a lot in terms of resources and bp.
    but even so it's heplful

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