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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ⚡️✨seawitch✨⚡️, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Really, really unhappy with this last update! You gave us nothing but crap. We have had people leaving the game, maxed players that had silo’s full of chests that they couldn’t open as it was. Perks that no one can afford. Outfits that not many are interested in.
    Our guild was a thriving 43 members down to 38 in less than a week.
    Who in Midoki is making these decisions? Someone slap them on the head!
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  2. Admiral slapped u around

    Admiral slapped u around Powder Monkey

    Dear, plunder pirates headquarters for my over reaction to the weapons requiring battle points if I would've played for few days longer I would have noticed that the points coming do allow us to have in sight realistic goal's and I'm pretty MUCH enjoy update you made which I said was the best idea since the game was created and I'm RETARDED and send my dearest apologies to everyone in the headquarters for not playing for a few days B4 I said we weren't receiving enough thank you for your update and giving the time to send u all my deepest condolences
  3. Admiral slapped u around

    Admiral slapped u around Powder Monkey

    Sincerely admiral slapped u around ;))) :'''(
  4. Honu

    Honu Powder Monkey

    I totally agree that this update ruined the game. It’s no longer possible to fund perks, and without perks funded, it’s much harder to raid or explore. The enormous BP funding costs have unbalanced the game and are likely to cause many active players to quit.
  5. Admiral slapped u around

    Admiral slapped u around Powder Monkey

    Settle down play it for a longer period of time and you will see that they do give us enough not only to survive but to finally have realistic goal's;!
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  6. Nope, not enough to survive and certainly not enough to move forward.
    Maybe in a guild with 50 Whales who gem their way through everything.
  7. Can’t move forward in this game because they gave me nothing to move forward to. No new LP’s No new PH, No new pirates. No new walls.No new defenses. Nothing!
  8. ScoopyWP

    ScoopyWP Crew

    I agree. A really fun game has turned into a pointless one. Such a shame. I thought Midoki were smarter than this.
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