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Discussion in 'Exploration Bugs' started by arrrrville, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. arrrrville

    arrrrville Powder Monkey

    I have 86% of the map explored already and no 4* or 5* fish. At most, I have only one 3* bigger fish.

    Is this a bug or am I in some sort of testing bucket? It's incredibly frustrating as there's no good way to accrue BP (other than 10-20 at a time by raiding).
  2. Kelani

    Kelani Commodore

    The more you hunt a fish (or perhaps the more map you uncover) the fishes start finding new hiding spots, further out in unexplored waters.

    If you want a spoiler, here is a list of all of those hiding spots for BP-giving fishes and serpents.

    3* and 4* Fish & Serpent Locations
    4* Bigger Fish #1: H3 (moves to L0 and Y19) (can give 50-2000 BP)
    4* Bigger Fish #2: T24 (moves to X21) (can give 50-2000 BP)
    4* Bigger Fish #3: i1 (moves to H23) (can give 50-2000 BP)

    4* Big Fish #1: W10 (moves to U4 and W0) (can give 50-2000 BP)
    4* Big Fish #2: D22 (moves to H23 and A21) (can give 50-2000 BP)

    3* Bigger Fish #1: P21 (Moves to D17) (Can give 50-800BP)
    3* Bigger Fish #2: T21 (Moves to P21 and ?? ) (Can give 50-800BP)
    3* Bigger Fish tip: Sometimes two will spawn south of your island so you can get them with one trip. They are definitely worth hunting., especially for L3-L4 boats which can't reach the 4* monsters

    4* Sea Serpents give 50-100k grog and 500-1500+ BP, but they are harder to kill than Fishes, and give BP less often. You need a L4-L5 Boat to stand a chance.

    4* Sea Serpent #1: B3 (moves to A1 and C0)
    4* Sea Serpent #2: P1 (moves to R0)
    4* Sea Serpent #3: F23 (moves to K24)

    3* Sea Serpent #1: S8 (moves to C11) (Unknown BP Award)

    There are no 5* monsters yet.
  3. arrrrville

    arrrrville Powder Monkey

    Thanks, Kelani. Maybe they're hiding in some of the squares I haven't unveiled yet.

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