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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bjays92, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. Bjays92

    Bjays92 Captain

    So I rediscovered the forum and thought this is probably a better place than ever to ask!

    Any rough timetable on the next update? It's been 4 months since the last one, and I think mention of a new defence had been floating around (which would be real fun to play with, along with a tavern upgrade :rolleyes:)
  2. Arrr

    Arrr Powder Monkey

    I don't think they can give us a new defense because it might not work for low-end devices and they can't give us more tavern space because the game would be too laggy and potentially crash players that play on low-end devices. Basically players who play this game on low-end devices are keeping this game from progressing and therefore that's why we only ever get pirate hall upgrades and defense upgrades. One of the staff has mentioned that a lot of players play on low-end devices so they won't drop support for them, I guess I could say that this game will eventually lose even more players and eventually midoki will shut down the servers and focus on other games like knighthood.
  3. Bjays92

    Bjays92 Captain

    Yes I am aware of the issue with the game being laggy. They did however add additional defences in this last update and the game seemed to handle it. So I figure it can handle a little more still
  4. Arrr

    Arrr Powder Monkey

    I was actually talking about them not adding a defense that we haven't seen before. The last time we got an actual new defense was about 2 years ago and it was the arrr defense. We also got a new troop with the arrr defense. You make a good point about the game still seemingly being about to handle more of the same types of defenses/walls whenever new pirate halls get released so I don't really know why midoki doesn't make defenses/buildings we've never seen before I mean they did increase the size of our bases but I'm guessing that was just for the extra walls/duplicate defenses.

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