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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oak Island, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. Oak Island

    Oak Island Captain

    Hey @Lynsey [Midoki] - was just curious how the next update is coming along? I believe you previously mentioned it would be released before Christmas, are we still looking good on that timeline? I am eager to see how the new rumble system works! Is there anything else you can tell us about that update?

    Also, side note - when will we know more about Midoki’s new game? Very curious to see what that will be like as well.

    Cheers and happy sailing!

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  2. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    Yep, Christmas update will be out at the start of December, all being well. You can look forward to:

    New 1v1 Rumble system
    The ability to buy Outfit upgrades from the Trade Ship

    Also soon! ;)
  3. NinjaNurse

    NinjaNurse Crew

    Anything else we can expect? Upgraded Silo?
  4. Hawkbeard

    Hawkbeard First Mate

    Upgrade to pirate catcher would be nice. Reduce those recruit times
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  5. SkimPappa

    SkimPappa Powder Monkey

    Better AI for Sadie? So she doesn’t shoot 6 walls in a row rather than take one step over and walk in?
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  6. Hawkbeard

    Hawkbeard First Mate

    Also better view for the iPhone XS, just got one and a lot of the in game chat can’t be read as the notch blocks it as well as half the icons on that side :mad:
  7. Thanks for update on the update lol

    Our guild are sooooo over the current rumble match making. We are a competitive rumble guild but unless we buy stack loads of gems, we are doomed for second place.
    Tbh I came on the forum to say we are SO over it and found this relevant post.

    A lot of you would recognise the name ”Darkphle” as he’s always been a top streaker. He left our guild and the whole game yesterday. I am sad to continue losing friends who don’t want to play anymore.

    Midoki, I’m sorry for the negative but you really should know how we all feel about this current tiresome, frustrating match making.
    We look forward to better rumbles come December. Cheers mateys!!
  8. Ps can we please stop with the pop ups? I get so frustrated trying to update our guild with any info because it always always always gets cut off by a damn pop up asking me to buy the same outfit I either have or have said no to multiple times already. THEN I have to re write the whole thing again...
    You’re killing our chat!!
    @Lynsey [Midoki] please don’t be offended by my bluntness. I’ve tried to be patient for how many months have we had these pop ups? 4 months?
  9. SkimPappa

    SkimPappa Powder Monkey

    Have an icon for “deals” and let us choose! rather than pop up and interrupt!!
  10. MorganFlint

    MorganFlint Captain

    I don’t mind the offers, have taken them up on a few gem offers, but I agree with @WePillageYou that it is frustrating to have a chat message not just interrupted but erased due to offer pop ups. I like the offer icon idea by skim where perhaps the buy-it-now deals cycle, or perhaps have them pop up like the ads do, where we can choose to open it or not.
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  11. SkimPappa

    SkimPappa Powder Monkey

    I like the offers too Spent way too much on them haha. I like the idea of the pop ups like the ads too
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  12. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    I doubt the offer system will change too much, but I'll ask to see if whether there's anyway we can detect whether a guild chat message is being typed, and if prevent them from popping up at that point. No promises though!
  13. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    Alas, this is down to a combination of core systems for AI and navigation.

    1) Once a unit has established its target, it ignores everything else that's going on until that target is destroyed. So if a gap opens up after they've already selected the target, they'll ignore it for their already established route.

    2) The navigation assesses what's going on in 4x4 tile chunks, rather than tile by tile. So if a wall segment is destroyed and a unit is standing within 4 tiles of it, they won't 'see' it, because they've already assessed the area that they're standing in and decided on their target.

    It's more obvious on the long range units (such as Sadie and the Heavy Gunner), as they're more likely to target stuff further behind the walls that take the shorter range units longer to reach.

    The AI and navigation is unlikely to change at this stage (the game's over 4 years old!) for several reasons:

    1) Although we could improve the AI for newer devices, the older supported devices would explode. Well, that's a bit dramatic, but they wouldn't be able to run the game anymore due to the extra processing power required.

    2) The units have been balanced taking into their account their odd behavioural quirks. So Sadie and the Heavy Gunners have great range, damage and pretty good toughness to take into account that they're occasionally a little bit stupid. So even if we could change the AI to make them smarter, we'd have to nerf them quite a lot (reducing range, damage, HP, etc), otherwise they'd be massively overpowered.

    3) People don't like it when we change the AI - we learned that from the Witch Doctor. ;) Most new players adapt pretty quickly to the AI, and most older players are pretty used to how the AI works.
  14. Thanks for your reply! I’m sure many would have their fingers crossed while we wait for some sort of change re our unfinished message deleting when a pop up ad occurs. :eek::)
  15. Hawkbeard

    Hawkbeard First Mate

    The AI and navigation is unlikely to change at this stage (the game's over 4 years old!)

    @Lynsey [Midoki] i bet you would have never of thought it would be still going like it is 4 years on.

    You made a really good game, that I have met some great people all over the world. Please don’t let the game just go stale and die. Keep the updates coming, even if they take a bit longer.
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  16. SkimPappa

    SkimPappa Powder Monkey

    Several times in this rumble alone my Sadie had multiple people walk past her both ways while she sat there shooting wall after wall. The other pirates walked in destroyed everything around, came back out the same gap in the walls right next to Sadie and then they went on to fight something else. All while she sat there digging up walls. This is a big annoyance to upgrade Sadie for so long just to have her act like a bomber instead of a long range shooter.

    -edited to remove my unnecessary rudeness. Sorry.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2018

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