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Discussion in 'Rumbles' started by Lynsey [Midoki], Jun 25, 2019.

  1. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member


    We've made a fairly major change to Rumble matchmaking which has gone live today.

    Rather than looking at Pirate Hall level distribution and number of members, which made matching particularly difficult for diverse guilds, matchmaking is now based on the combined average scoring of its members.

    This should hopefully lead to more interesting and competitive matchups, with more appropriate rewards for the level of effort (the heavy hitting guilds will be pleased to know that the top gem rewards have been increased!).

    As with any new system there may be a few oddities, and we actively encourage you to let us know if you're still getting odd matchups, or long matchmaking times so that we can look into it.

    In the meantime - enjoy!
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  2. Hawkbeard

    Hawkbeard First Mate

  3. SitFlyer_

    SitFlyer_ Crew


    Rewards are tanked.
    No point in any effort now.
    1 5,1000,1000,80
    2 0,300,300,40

  4. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    It depends on how much your guild scores. To get those kind of rewards, you'd have to be getting a guild average of below 10,000 Rumble Points.
  5. Intimidator

    Intimidator Captain

    @Lynsey [Midoki] is the matching/rewards based off guild stats or personal stats combined? Just curious if a guild can reset their average by hopping to a brand new guild? Hopefully not as I’d rather not already see people trying to work the system with a loophole.

    I’m sure a lot of complaints will roll in from people that are used to fairly decent rewards for doing little to nothing other than having a high pirate hall level. Lol
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  6. SitFlyer_

    SitFlyer_ Crew

    I have serious doubts our daily average has been below 10000..... but whatever.
    This is sure to demotivate some.
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  7. lady blackbeard

    lady blackbeard Captain

    Give Midoki a round of applause for trying. Really great to see something new.
  8. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    The average is worked out at the start of each Rumble matchmaking session. As with the previous system, if they add/lose members during the matchmaking process, it recalculates and resets the queue to accommodate the new information.

    The average is calculated from the combined score of its current members' recent averages. If a guild disbanded and reformed with exactly the same members, they'd have the same average as if they'd just stayed in their previous guild. So if a big guild suddenly loses a chunk of its members, it won't be matched against the same sort of opponents that it's used to, and vice versa - if a small guild suddenly gets an influx of high scoring members, they'll find themselves in a higher bracket. Matchups should now be a lot fairer as a result!

    The average is based on recent Rumbles. You've had several low-scoring Rumbles recently, including a few that were below 5k, and one (against a Chinese guild) where you didn't score anything. That will drag your average down somewhat!

    We're hoping that guilds won't be too heavily outmatched anymore, but if a guild is matched against another that they feel is a bit of a losing battle, they'll feel that their battles are still worth something as it'll keep/move their average score up. Guilds will hopefully move towards their 'real' average - currently there may be hard hitting guilds that are in slightly lower brackets because they've previously been matched against low scoring guilds, so have laid off battling because it feels a bit like kicking a baby panda, and there will be lower scoring guilds that are also slightly lower than they should be, because they've previously been matched with behemoths, so they felt that they might as well give up and accept the free 2nd place rewards for no effort.

    We are keeping an eye on the matchups and may bump up the gold/grog rewards if needs be, but guilds doing sub-10k is never going to get the same level of rewards as guilds doing 600k+ per Rumble. Well, not anymore, anyway!
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  9. So we have heard about the low end, but for a guild that posts 4 to 7 million during a rumble what are they looking at for rewards?
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  10. laaafish

    laaafish Crew

    75k for first place in our rumble. Seriously what is the point!!
  11. Death

    Death Powder Monkey

    Only getting 100,000 grog and gold when being matched against a 12-player guild that averages a score of 30,000 plunder points. 100,000 gold is barely 1/10th of my re-arm prise for my base.
    I thought that you were meant to give more incentives and more rewards for people to rumble?

    I guess we will have to wait and see until we score a bit more, and hope that the rewards will increase along with our rumble points over time.
  12. Capnpoopoopants

    Capnpoopoopants Powder Monkey

    I have had 2 of my higher scoring team members telling me they’re going to stop playing because 5,000 we’ve been given for our last two rumbles is ridiculous.

    As my teams captain what would you have me do? Go on a kicking spree to get our average up so I keep the high scorers? Sounds a bit Hunger Games to me. We are a team of adults with kids and lives.
  13. Capnpoopoopants

    Capnpoopoopants Powder Monkey

    Hang on. My guild has an average score of 32,145 and we have been given 5000 5000 if we won our last 2 rumbles.

    Can you look at individual guilds? If so please have a look at mine.
  14. Oak Island

    Oak Island Captain

    As the captain of a high scoring guild that only rumbles twice per week, our first rumble with the new criteria is quite the matchup, however, the gem rewards are 100. The gold n grog are still 6 mil each and I believe the BP is 1000. Second place gets 2 mil gold n grog and 500 BP. So yes, it’s nice to have the higher gem rewards, but also tough since we matched possibly the best guild worldwide. That being said, our resting guild that does not score high at all had rewards so terrible it would be pointless to spend the 5 gems to start one in the first place. Something like 10 gems with 25k gold n grog or something stupid silly low. A rumble for every guild no matter the scoring averages should at least be fighting for more gold n grog than you can steal from a single fight. Perhaps the low should be like 3 mil? I truly feel bad for the small guilds now as I really don’t see the point in rumbling when you can simply earn more rewards by sailing! I do think midoki will realize this and will eventually tweak the low end of the rewards so that smaller guilds can still earn some halfway decent rewards.


  15. Poppa Bob

    Poppa Bob Crew

    Anyone have trouble even getting matched? We’ve been waiting for over two hours.
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  16. Capnpoopoopants

    Capnpoopoopants Powder Monkey

    May I ask what the rumble average of your resting guild is? We are a small Australian guild of 22/50 our average rumble score is 32,145

    We are currently in our second rumble since the new system and our rewards are again 5,5000,5000,100 if we win

    If something does change fast I have high scoring members saying they will quit the game. Frankly I feel insulted and manipulated myself and as their captain don’t know what to say. I have contacted Lynsey on here but fear by the end of today when everybody gets home from work (because we are grown ups) and they see the rewards for this second rumble our guild will collapse.
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  17. Cat O Nine Tails

    Cat O Nine Tails Powder Monkey

    Thorns Reprise, acting captain.
    We float around 50-60 in the top rumble guilds leaderboard.
    We just pulled off a miraculous win against a vastly superior guild.
    10 gems 70 gold 70 grog 150BP I may have the BP wrong.
    (Maybe a weird quirk of the update, but after the rumble started we were showing much more reasonable rewards and the numbers changed about the halfway mark)
    That is pretty rude really.
    We have an even better guild in the new rumble.
    10/50/50/175 if we manage an even more miraculous win.
    So help me understand this.
    Because I think you just killed rumbles.
    I am not trying to be rude.
    If that is where we are what is happening lower in the rankings?
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  18. Dear Master M (aka Dillinger) lol... Great with the tweaks you are doing, I'm in a small Guild...rewards went south big time after the update..i'm in a Rumble now and 1st place receives 5gems,1000gold,1000grog,80bp. Second place 300gold,300grog,40bp I understand you are implementing changes with match making..though, are you Steam Vaporising???? the small Guilds..Cheers D :)
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  19. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    It's important to remember the the matching average is not the same as the average that you see in your guild's profile page.

    The guild's profile stat is based on the guild's historical performances.

    The matching average is based on the current guild member's combined average scores over recent Rumbles.

    So you could have a guild that used to be very high scoring so has a high Average Score on their stats page, but has since lost a lot of its high scoring members to other guilds/retirement, etc, so will be matched appropriately according to their recent performances. Conversely, you could have a guild that's been low or mid scoring, so has a low Average Score on their stats page, but has recently gained a lot of high scoring members through a guild merger - these would be placed in a higher tier than you'd expect from the stat on the profile page.

    I'd have to know the details of the Rumbles in question, but you shouldn't be facing a 'vastly superior guild', as you've been matched due to having similar Rumble scores recently. It means that you can have a 10 man guild matched with a 50 man guild, but it's still fair, because the 10 man guild is a lot more active than the 50 man guild. They may look superior on paper, but their scoring performance will be similar to your own. Your reward shouldn't have switched halfway through a Rumble, even with the update - feel free to submit a support ticket so we can look into that.

    As I mentioned to _Sitflyer, if you're in that bracket it means that your current guild membership's recent scoring average is sub-10,000.

    As mentioned previously, the gold/grog rewards may be tweaked next week - we need to see more figures to get a better before we make a decision. However, low scoring guilds can no longer expect the same or similar rewards as the top scoring guilds.
  20. Capnpoopoopants

    Capnpoopoopants Powder Monkey

    If the matching average is based on combined average scores does this mean the only way my little guild of 22 people will ever see more than 5000 gold and grog for winning an event is by kicking our non contributing members who are bringing our average down?

    I don’t care about the ‘matching’ as such I care about the rewards. To offer a guy 5 grand if he wins a rumble when he is spending 1.6million for one block of wall unless he joins a better guild or kicks members of his own is savage AF.

    I am the captain of a guild and if I see a 5 grand reward once more I will probably never turn on the game again myself! Crank it back up and do it bloody fast!
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