New Rumble matching - need clarification

Discussion in 'Guild Bugs' started by Kelani, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. 850arrr

    850arrr Captain

    I know but my point is I would like to be able to Rumble against guilds that are within our realm and for a month we haven't been able to do that. I'm wondering if this is how its going to be from here on out, always sitting back watching the big dogs go at it.

    We are a competitive guild and like to win and will push hard within our means but know full well we can't hold a candle to a guild like Banging Skulls.
  2. Skillzone10

    Skillzone10 Captain

    Its always a tough time for an up and coming guild to get matched fairly, and have a shot at winning rumbles. Its one of the many problems a small sized guild faces, and its tough. I get you. One way to improve is to forget about your position in a rumble, and just hit your targets. If everyone contributes, and their is minimal deadweight, don't sweat! You are headed in the right track.
  3. 850arrr

    850arrr Captain

    We aren't a new guild, we've been around since almost the beginning, but that's besides the point. A month ago we are doing well with the match ups and now its different, hence my question to Lynsey about if something has changed.
  4. Bou Regreg

    Bou Regreg First Mate

    @850arrr try different start times. We at Tortuga Nest also battle twice a week yet rarely meet up with the top guilds. In order to achieve that we looked around for start times that seldom had the top dogs.
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  5. 850arrr

    850arrr Captain

    Thanks for the tip. We have tried changing our days and start times but possible haven't deviated enough since its not making a difference.
  6. Kelani

    Kelani Commodore

    In our experience, you'll find different clusters of guilds, (strong and weak) every 2 hours you alter your start time. There may be some overlap, though. Just depends on how long matching takes that day.
  7. 850arrr

    850arrr Captain

    We had one good week of rumbles with guilds our size but yesterday were teamed up with Dead Sails, yep they hit 100,000 in a blink (well done mates). Its lame and I think Midoki should address it somehow, our guild and I'm sure others in the same boat are tired of the crap matchups.

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