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Discussion in 'Battle Bugs' started by Heatmiser4, Jun 10, 2018.

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    Almost a day has gone by and you’re just noticing. Hmmm? As someone who worked in customer service and sales for over 20 years, I would have gotten murdered by my clients if they had an issue and got no response for that long. Even on my days off I would monitor my phone and return calls or even go out into the field if need be to resolve an issue. I guess backing your product isn’t what it used to be. Sorry..not sorry.. but it needed to be said. Monday is what I expected so not a bit shocked.
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    Normally when a company releases a new product or “updated” product they babysit it and make sure everything is going well. That means extra hours are usually given to staff or are expected to answer calls (not necessarily on their normal work schedule) during this time to make sure things go down without a hitch. Why would anyone continue to buy a product if it was sold to them and wasn’t supported? So attention is most crucial at this stage usually. I don’t get any sense of urgency. It’s annoying for everyone to be up in arms, but Lynsey post a tidbit of info, suddenly everything is ok. All is forgotten and forgiven. Give me a break. Why is everyone scared to be real and say how they really feel?

    I would accept if we were told “we no longer give a crap about this game, we have other irons in the fire” or “we no longer have interest in developing the game any further.” I know that’s never gonna happen. Continue to gem all your upgrades and be waiting for another couple years. What will they do in a month or two when everyone is complaining they have nothing to do? What’s the rush?
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    Little late to the forum party but you can add RFF to the growing list in the never-ending rumble minute.

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  5. Poppa Bob

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    I'll tell you how I really feel ... IT'S JUST A GAME! If this was some software that my living depended on or LIVES depended on I might get a little heated under the collar but as it is ... IT'S JUST A GAME!
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    yes it is JUST A GAME, but with many players buying/using a lots of gems they/we pay also for that, that they/we get customer service and support ;), also during weekends :)
  7. Poppa Bob

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    Let folks take it up with Midoki directly. Send an email to telling what the grievance is. I bet they take care of you.
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    @Poppa Bob You’re almost right. It’s a game to us. I think it’s a business to Midoki? Never mind, you are correct after all and I’m just realizing it ;)

    You missed my point entirely on my last post. It made me feel better, so mission accomplished.
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    @Lynsey [Midoki] Im all vented and have a question? Many people like myself (I imagine) really only have free time on the weekend to play. When there is an issue it always seems to happen then. Is there not anything that can be done to prevent this from happening or if a problem does occur is there not anyone available to fix the problem? I would have the utmost respect if you guys simple told us “ no we don’t have the staff for that”or yes “we are stepping up our monitoring on weekends during off business hours” Communication and being up front goes a long way imo. I’m more likely to support an organization that can at least do that.

    I would think rumbles are the biggest revenue generator for you guys in general. Having them broken for any amount of time has to hurt. It doesn’t seem to be in the best interest for us (the players) or your group.

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  10. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    Our core team is out of the office at the weekends, but we do have an external team monitoring the servers out of hours. They did actually leap in and save the day over the weekend - as I understand it is that we have main servers that the player base is distributed over, plus back up servers up in case there's an issue with one of the main ones. The issue is that some of the feature specific functions run on individual main servers, and in this case, the server that also runs the Rumble management and Leaderboard updating failed. The external team saw this was happening, and managed to switch to a back up, which meant that we didn't have a huge chunk of players who weren't able to play at all. Unfortunately they're not as familiar with the game, so didn't realise that there was still an issue with non-essential functions.

    We're looking at changing our system slightly so that the feature specific functions can swap between servers, so that if one goes down it doesn't mean that we lose a part of game - to be fair, I think this is only the second time this particular issue has happened in nearly four years, but we appreciate that it's pretty disruptive to guilds when it does.
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    Thank you @Lynsey [Midoki] for a little insight. It helps knowing a smidge of how things work on your end. When you posted about you guys being aware there was an issue this weekend, I didn’t like being told what I already knew. It did make me ornery lol. I said some not so nice things. For that I apologize to you and your crew! :(

    Many of us have been a part of this community since launch or shortly thereafter. We don’t hear from you and get the feeling we care more than the people making the game. I’m quite sure this couldn’t be farther from the truth but many of us have a lot of time invested. If it was a game I just picked up and started playing I couldnt care less, but it’s been a part of our daily ritual for a long time. I feel strongly that a connection with the players is only a win, win imo. People are more likely to open their pockets or support someone who makes them feel included or just letting us know you are around. Things are being done. New things are coming or old thing are being tweaked or given a facelift.

    I’m not on any of your social media outlets. Maybe it happens there and I just don’t know. This is my only source of info from you guys. I understand you have priorities and this is probably very low on the list. Just every now and then let us know your alive and there is a person on the other end of the game who cares like we do.

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    Well said :):):). @Intimidator
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    I am not sure if anyone else is experiencing this but, I keep running across “Connection Lost” errors, and for the most part I have been okay, but when it makes me lose battles, gems, PR, gold, grog and LP lives it is becoming a pretty annoying issue. My Wi-Fi is strong so it isn’t that. I have put in an in-game ticket in to support. I was wondering if anyone else is seeing this?

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