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Discussion in 'Build Improvements' started by Sweets, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. Sweets

    Sweets Powder Monkey

    I'm surprised that in your attempt to monetize the game you haven't added any personality to it. I use to play a game called outwitters. I don't anymore, but they probably don't care, because I purchased their pack that you play with any of their customizations, which was pretty much as much as you could do at that time. In their case they were fighter packs ( ...robotic, cutesy, ext) but in the case of plunder pirates... yeah I know pirates have to do with skulls and stuff, but I'd prefer not to have large bulging skulls everywhere. And, why do I have to up grade to a gold and red and green grass, blech not always loving the color scheme... I'm a lady after all.. maybe I'd prefer a base that was based/boat off the look of the ninja or priestess. Maybe I want to custom color my roof. Maybe I want my personal banner to fly under my guild banner, we're all captains in our own right. Would it be that difficult to reskin a few things and sell that? It'd be a perk that wouldn't skew game play, and it's the kind of the that make gameplay more pleasant.
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  2. Bear

    Bear Commodore

    This has been suggested several times. The most recent is just this week. It's on the master list too.
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  3. Sweets

    Sweets Powder Monkey

    Great, then the only other thing I'd add to it is to make sure that they're priced to move. And, I don't think they should affect game play (ie add island mass or give other advantages). Keep them as pocket change purchases (a couple dollars here and there) as opposed to a large fees for every little thing, and perhaps a few high roller items for the endulgent.
  4. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    I love the idea, and as bear has said its been suggested before. The only caveat is this makes it harder to identify specific buildings and upgrade levels visually (you'd have to learn the look for each level for each skin), and this can also make it a lot harder for a new player to learn what things look like. I doubt it would make a huge difference late-game though when you're much more experienced, so as long as the changes aren't too drastic at the early levels, it should be fine.

    I'd certainly pay for any sort of cyber/steampunk themes myself, and I would have payed almost anything when I was PH8 to make those red and gold walls not look like ketchup covered fries. The flag feels like the only customization option we get, and we're pretty much limited to the pp logo or your country flag :c
  5. I'm with @Skye on this one. It might confuse attackers a lot in the beginning if buildings look different everywhere they go.
    But on the other hand I would love to get rid of those pesty ugly things they call 'cannons' but look more like.. Like.. Something ugly.
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  6. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    Cannons remind me of these
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  7. Bou Regreg

    Bou Regreg First Mate

    I don't like the idea. Skins are nice...until they start making bunkers look like storage and mortars look like collectors. Oh, look at that nice pirate catcher...oops, it's a ground pounder....

    I have 30 seconds to look over a possible mark. If it takes me 45 seconds to figure out what is what, I am going to get my ax handed to me on a plate.
  8. peg-brain bob

    peg-brain bob Captain

    Customisation could be something like the drapes/banners on the guild hall (or flag poles as @Skye said) so that it gives individual feel without affecting main characteristics.

    Also if you only make a few available at each PH level then this would only cause major confusion to most experienced players! ;)
  9. Bear

    Bear Commodore

    Yeah. I am against this idea.

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