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  1. Ultimate Sea Dog

    Ultimate Sea Dog First Mate

    Event: Royal Navy Attack
    Description: during this time, Royal navy ships sail at a rate of 1 tile/hour towards your base. they start from the edge (A24) and move center, destroying monsters on the way. Once the ships reach your base, they attack. If you get 1*ed, you lose 1 mil gold, 2* takes 1 mil G&G, and 3* takes everything from your base.

    Royal Navy Soldier
    HP: ~200
    attack: ~50
    Speed: 15
    range: 3
    Special Ability: Bravado: Speed and attack up
    Royal Navy Gunner
    HP: ~400
    attack: ~100
    Speed: 15
    Range: 6
    Special Ability: Seasoned Soldier: Increases Damage Done by 50%
    Royal Navy Commander
    HP: ~600
    attack: ~125
    Speed: 16
    Range: 8
    Special Ability: Commander tactics: buffs nearby units
    Royal navy Captain
    HP: ~2000
    Attack: ~200
    Speed: 13
    Range: 2 (bomber-ish)
    Special Ability: Explosive Attack: charges into base, breaking walls, and explodes, dying and stunning nearby troops.
    Royal navy Admiral
    HP: 5000
    Attack: ~500
    speed: 20
    Range: 10
    Special Ability: Admiral's direction: calls over and buffs 20 soldiers, 10 gunners, 5 commanders and 2 captains. This ability stacks.

    An army would be 30 soldiers, 20 gunners, 10 commanders and 5 captains, with an admiral.

    After defeating the base, the Royal Navy ship then sails away from your base, back to A24. If you defeat the ship while it leaves, you get 50% of your loot back.
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  2. Ultimate Sea Dog

    Ultimate Sea Dog First Mate

    Event: Rival Raiders
    Description: during this time, there is a WORLD MAP, with a group of players' bases (server groups) shown at various places of the map. Sail to their bases to use your ship crew and attack with whatever's in your ship. In this time, you CAN send your LP along with your ship (can't train, can't sleep etc.)

    After plundering, you need to re-recruit AND sail from wherever you left off (unless you wanna return home, your ship'll be somewhere else.)
    Event Tokens are gained:
    1. by sailing (like sir henry's)
    2. by attacking
  3. Ultimate Sea Dog

    Ultimate Sea Dog First Mate

    Event: Guild Raids
    Description: all the Guild's members will have their bases connected and placed in a giant server, with other guilds' players trying to take the collective island down. (normal attacking is blocked)
    only captain, QM and FM will be allowed to change the collective base, and players will only be able to upgrade their own things.
    there will be only 2 guild competing. Once a guild base is COMPLETELY destroyed, they have to wait 24h before they can attack again (base needs refreshing)

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