Mines doesnt damage some time.

Discussion in 'Battle Bugs' started by Tottok, Mar 7, 2016.

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    Sometime my level 4 mine, while being triggered by gunners, doesn't damage them during explosion, it only trow them away a bit, sometimes even when gunners are dead close to the mine it only damage them a little bit witch is weird cuz the mine has 500 damage right? and no gunners can teoretically survive such a blast, or it might but not with 80% health.

    Also the mines doesnt do damage at all to juggs from what I saw on recordings, while in other bases I attacked the juggs get attracted to the mines like a magned and then explode..

    Can you explain the mistery?
  2. Regarding to juggs, they have two academy trainings that reduce the splash damage they receive. I believe once they have both trainings completed they completely nullify all splash damage on them.

    These defenses are considered splash damage:

    Ground pounders
    Flame gate

    Not sure about gunners, but as far as I know, mines deal greatly reduced damage the further a troop is from it. So a gunner with a lvl 2 Training Ground buff (which gives them an invisible extra health bar) may take so little damage that it doesn't affect the visible health bar and might seem like the mine only knocked him away.
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    As for the gunners, it is probably a combination of the Training Ground and the +50/100 to Pirate Toughness bonus and the distance from the mine.
    The green bar showing the units health doesn't appear until it has taken enough damage for the bonus to have been cancelled out. Which is also why you do not see the green bar until you have been hit a few times by canons etc.
    I wish that Midoki would change this so the Training Ground bonus was included in the green damage bar. The current behavior is confusing.

    Juggs are attracted to mines and disarm them as part of their special skill, all though they sometimes fail.
  4. Skye

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    Yes, Splash Armor 1 reduces splash damage by 90%, and splash armor 2 completely nullifies all splash damage done to juggs. They take 0 damage.

    For gunners and distance from mine: Mines have two ranges. At the outer range, they only take 1/3 mine damage, which means with TG, they will survive, especially if the mine isn't upgraded to the full 650 damage level. I wrote up a very detailed description of the situations on which a gunner will survive a mine (although gunners are slightly stronger since then, I don't think it will effect the results) here: http://forum.plunderpirates.com/index.php?threads/mine-upgrades-matter.10256/

    At mine lv 4, troops take 133 damage at the outer range of a mine explosion - which is 33 damage after TG reduction (or even less if buffed by tinto or an LP outfit!). I'm pretty sure this will still leave them with green HP. At lv 5, max gunners will survive with red HP, unless the mine is buffed by an LP. Mines are only ever able to kill a gunner at the outer range if lv 5 AND buffed by an LP.

    There may possibly be an issue with gunners having the wrong tier of damage applied to them - taking outer range damage when they should be close enough to take full damage. Sometimes I've noticed mines doing absolutely zero damage as well (I shared a video of this happening to Lynsey in December, I thought this was getting fixed, but it may not have yet).

    In general though, gunners will be taking the outer range of damage. If a troop is close enough to get hit, but not close enough to set the mine off on their own (or has walked a step away after setting it off) they will take the reduced damage.

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