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Midnight Alliance

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Tiger Claw, Oct 6, 2015.

  1. Scarlet Fever

    Scarlet Fever First Mate

    If you're stopping by the poop deck of the retired captains lounge @Ian , I hear they're serving dacquiris ;) Welcome to the ranks Dianne:)
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  2. Ian

    Ian Commodore

    With an approaching Upgrade and future Guild events; come and check out all the guilds at Midnight. No matter what real life or the game demands of you there is always a Guild here that can accommodate you.

    We have vacancies in all our Guilds and ready to take on new members. So come and check us out. :)
  3. peg-brain bob

    peg-brain bob Captain

    With a new defence out (A.R.R.R.) & new pirate (Aeronaut) imminent... what better time to be in a friendly farming & training guild?

    Midnight Rebels has had a very successful rebirth and has lots of fresh pirates looking for adventure on the high seas. We are now seeking a few First Mates.

    Trying to keep the ship on course... whilst simultaneously preventing inexperienced pirates falling overboard - is a job only for the most dedicated & reliable (or equally someone foolish enough to accept!) :p
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  4. Tiger Claw

    Tiger Claw Captain

    Special Shout-Out to MIdnight Rebels!!!

    You guys really pulled together as a team giving new life to Rebels. Time is definitely on your side. Awesome job @Keystone Bear. :)

    Would also like commendening all of Midnight's finest Captains, i.e., @Dianne's Isle and @Ian of Rampage, @Scarlet Fever of Rustler (dang, I need to update my banner again ;)), @peg-brain bob and @Keystone Bear of Rebels, Andrew of Raiders and last, but not least....Captain... r d gtft of Rumbles!

    Midnight exists because of the contribution each and every one of you and your crew has offered. You are all part of a well oiled machine we call an Allaince and most importantly..... Our home.

    Awesome job to each and everyone of you.

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  5. Tiger Claw

    Tiger Claw Captain

    Midnight Raiders now has room for additional members seeking to join a laid-back Farming Guild.

    Midnight Raiders doesn't Rumble, but we do require participation in guild related events.

    If your current guild isn't meeting your own expectations consider joining the ranks of the Midnight Alliance. Doing so provides the player with many options as each guild is tailored a little differently. Members are always free to move about each of our guilds and test the waters, etc.

    So why wait any longer? Go for it if and become part of an extreamly large family of players.

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