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Discussion in 'Guild Improvements' started by Tiger Lilly, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. Tiger Lilly

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    I'm not sure if this is where to create this thread but here it goes: this really only applies to smaller guilds that have smaller bases that don't have many of the guild perks. It's very difficult, actually at times impossible to fund perks when the fund limit is only 25%. I would love to see all the perk limits be the same, raised to 50% per player. This would help smaller guilds with small bases fund all the perks available;)

    Thanks for listening,
    ⚓️Lady Killigrew⚓️
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  2. Spongee

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    Until you get more than a handful who has all the perks, might want to ask nicely in the general chat on PPBay. Sometimes you might find some kind pirates willing to pop in and help fund them. I see you are participating in the girl/boys rumble, so in that regard you are meeting members outside of your guild. You will find many players in this game willing to help out other players once they get to know you and your guild. Might also be a good idea to keep all the perks on same schedule, so the guild members know when to log on and fund them. If you take my advice about inviting some outsiders to come help, they will also know when to jump over. Better than trying to fund them after the fact on a scattered schedule. When we had small guilds, we avoided funding the stray perk to get it in sync with all the other perks. In many guilds, there is a sort of a contest among the members to fund the perks. People will set they alarm clocks to be online to fund them. When they do become available for funding, they get funded in seconds. Try to get that mindset installed in the members of your guild. Maybe reward who ever has the highest funding percentage with promotion to FM.
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  3. Tiger Lilly

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    Thanks Spongee, I really appreciate your advice...I do feel a little awkward asking other members to help fund our perks but the more active that I'm becoming on the forum and PP Bay...the more I notice that everyone seems really friendly and very helpful :):p

    Lady Killigrew
  4. awbo

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    We are a small guild and choose not to fund stonemason and blacksmith unless we are rumbling. If you are just farming you really don't notice and it sure saves a lot of gold/grog.
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