losing PR will help in gaining more loot..

Discussion in 'Battle Bugs' started by jack27297, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. jack27297

    jack27297 Powder Monkey

    hey guys if i down my PR will i able to gain more loot?? currently i am PH 8 nd my PR is 501, my maxm PR is 543.. plz help
  2. Ian

    Ian Commodore

    Hi @jack27297 yes, it's referred to as 'Farming'. You can either farm your way down the PR rank by attacking only the mines and distilleries (collectors) with 2-4 gunners, you can get up to 315k gold and/or grog and you will loose PR with each attack. Or attack/surrender for a quick drop; or if you don't want it showing up on your log, attack/surrender the strongholds and pirate forts.

    Most people float around 100-200PR depending where the loot is. You will still come across PH7, 8 and 9 bases but there is more loot down low and costs to recruit are cheaper too as you only need mostly gunners and a few bombers (your not looking to win, just steal their loot)

    Be aware hat some guilds have restrictions on farming as it affects overall guild rank, so if you are in a guild - check with your Captain first.
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  3. jack27297

    jack27297 Powder Monkey

    thnx Ian..
  4. jack27297

    jack27297 Powder Monkey

    another question Ian.. how to get more bp's?? It s very difficultto get them.. attack 4 big fish nd get only around 400bp.. doing errands also with 20 attacks each day which give me approx 250-350 bp.. any other way to get them fast.. i hav to upgrade my academy to level 7..
  5. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    lots of battles (10 battles a day should be 200 or so), rumble daily(several hundred a day from the reward), exploration (if you farm battered chests by taking short journeys to kill only a couple monsters close to you, you can get a lot of chests, and they drop a decent amount of bp sometimes)
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  6. Ian

    Ian Commodore

    Hi @jack27297 Before the Legendary Pirate Update, the answer was attack other Pirates often and farm the Big fish. Since this update, all the fish now have to share their offerings with 'Legendary' materials also making BP far less common. This should change with the talk of a second map (hopefully). Until then @Skye has explained it well, but I would also still go after those fish, occasionally they still drop large amounts of BP (just not as often as they did). Many are in the same boat (so to speak) including those in our guild, so you are not alone. Good luck.
  7. jack27297

    jack27297 Powder Monkey

    thanx both of u..

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