Legendary Pirate Outfit Ideas

Discussion in 'General Improvements' started by Scar Face, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. Scar Face

    Scar Face Crew

    I know it's silly but I would like the option to buy pajamas for my Legendary Pirate that they can wear when recovering.
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  2. Ultimate Sea Dog

    Ultimate Sea Dog First Mate

    Actually it's not that silly...
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  3. pkrhett

    pkrhett Crew

    romeo boomer looking like sleepy gary? sign me up!!

    if u dont watch RnM, don't watch more than 20sec or it's gonna get weird :0
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  4. LYM

    LYM Captain

    the outfits would be great if they actual did something like protection against gun tower or motar etc. otherwise its just people people like @Scar Face who want to dress them up for bed like barbies
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  5. pkrhett

    pkrhett Crew

    well outfit buffs could be bad as the gem outfits could heavily outclass the F2P outfits. i'd still be cool with it tho. i think unique buffs specific to each LP would be cool if they were balanced and interesting.

    ex: +25% skill recovery speed, -25% skill effect. <-- something that changes the LP's style, but doesnt make them more "powerful".

    the pajamas should give +5-10% recovery speed!
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  6. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    I'm shocked at how few people seem to understand that an entire culture of free games survive solely on people paying for purely cosmetic clothes for their character. Its a good thing the outfits do nothing.

    You might not understand why people would pay to dress up their character if it has no use, but dozens of games making millions of dollars a year do it only with statless premium skins for your character, and this is an attempt to monetize that market, not to give you a way to be stronger. Giving outfits stats would completely defeat the purpose of them. You might not find value in cosmetic choice, but plenty of people do.

    For example, in Tera Online, people pay about $5 per slot (with 5 slots) to get a special premium outfit, and considerably more for a rare/seasonal/limited one. They provide no benefit, just make your character look cool. I personally paid $30 for a steampunk skin and devil wings, and plenty of people pay hundreds.

    This type of system allows players to support the game without giving them any bonus, so they don't have any advantage over free players. Not only that, getting an outfit with better stats would mean you would forego another choice, and that completely kills the purpose of giving you multiple choices to pick from to suit your personal stylistic tastes.
  7. Ultimate Sea Dog

    Ultimate Sea Dog First Mate

    I agree. Bought most skins apart from Admiral (1K gems) and As You Wish (2000 gmes)
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  8. pkrhett

    pkrhett Crew

    well writin skye. oh the cosmetics are feeding the markets and it's great. i know i like dressing my pirates up in the F2P outfits, and would love the P2P outfits if i was rich.

    the stat choice would be true in making lower outfits have less purpose, but wouldn't that also work in favor of midoki? i know the boomer outfit "as you wish" looks snazzy. boomer looks like a sneeky sneeky, and perhaps that could be it's effect. slower defence detection speed would be a befitting buff and could intice people to drop 2000 gems.

    i know i'm always for the fashion souls aspect in games over the stats of the armor/outfit. and if the buffs were unique enough they could make buying all the outfits worth it (specially if once you owned all outfits for an LP, it gave a completion buff)

    i like the outfits as they are, nuetral and simple, but im also not opposed to seeing a bit more spice and variety between the same LP. having 6 different buff choices could be very interesting if done correctly.
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  9. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    It would lead players to pick the outfit based on the buff, not the look. That's why I'm against it.
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  10. pkrhett

    pkrhett Crew

    very true. perhaps after unlocking a "buff", it can be applied to any outfit, you just need to own the corresponding outfit. some people might like wearing the starter outfits, who knows. :D

    this is kind of making me want LP to be customizable in more than looks. heck keep the outfits as is. allow us to customize our LP into slightly different variants would be awesome. (way down the road if ever ;P)
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  11. AvoidingPack791

    AvoidingPack791 Powder Monkey

    Back to the OP, "when recovering" was stated. There is really no need for a buff as the defensive buff is negated by whatever other LP is activated for defense while offline. There are plenty of times I sit with full storages and nothing to spend gold and grog on due to busy builders, and changing up how an LP looks when recovering sounds like a pretty easy idea for Midoki to implement. Maybe folks would even spend gems on it per the thread above. So, all told, I'm for the idea - why not?
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  12. Ian

    Ian Commodore

    I agree that the suits, should offer some tactical advantage... But, for what it's worth... as long as I don't have to GEM the pajamas, I like the idea and instead of Boomer holding a bomb, why not turn it into a teddy too. ;)
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  13. Scar Face

    Scar Face Crew

    Great idea about the recovery time!
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  14. Scar Face

    Scar Face Crew

    What do you mean by "buff"?
  15. Scar Face

    Scar Face Crew

    Never mind, i get it.
  16. pkrhett

    pkrhett Crew

    thanks. i know i would buy those pajamas (even if they took some gems) for my favorite LP
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  17. Scar Face

    Scar Face Crew

    You're right, the outfits should provide some advantage. I like the previous comment about PJ's reducing recovery time.
    When our storage's are full, no builders are available, recruiting is taking forever and you don't want to go offline, changing outfits is the only entertainment. I never played with Barbies but pirates with outfits adds some humor to the game.
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  18. pkrhett

    pkrhett Crew

    perhaps it could be a guild perk? funded with basic mats (iron, copper, powder) and the better LVL the perk, the more the outfit "buffs" effect. (i'd also be fine with a guild perk that increases material find chance. 10% more chance for the mat i want is plenty reason for me to throw some basic mats away. lord knows i have so much basics and so many bat chests i just wont open. :0)

    ex on PJ's: lvl 1 is 5%, lvl 2 is 10%, ect
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  19. Tiger Claw

    Tiger Claw Captain

    Speaking of perks...

    What about the idea that Gemmed outfits would actually provide perk expense reductions. It cost a fortune to fund perks when all our perks have reached max upgrade. A kick-back to lower these expenses could also be a strong motivator to purchase without establishing any special abilities.

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  20. LYM

    LYM Captain

    i am correct in thing the outfits do nothing right now yeah, or am i missing something as some people spend 2000+ gems on these sets
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