Is this bug.

Discussion in 'Battle Bugs' started by ThanhTamPK, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. ThanhTamPK

    ThanhTamPK Powder Monkey

  2. Are you talking about the last two seconds of the video?
  3. ThanhTamPK

    ThanhTamPK Powder Monkey

    My pirates hall have'nt destroy and percent destroy is smaller then 50% but i depend failed.
    I don't understand
    Sorry for my bad english
  4. No problem!
    I can explain why this happened.

    Brutes focus on defensive buildings. The ship is one of them.
    So they will attack the ship instead of the Pirate Hall.

    Gunners, Juggernauts and other troops would have attacked the Pirate Hall.
    I hope you understand, if you have any other questions be sure to ask them.

  5. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member


    Is this a replay of someone attacking your base, or you attacking someone else?

    To win an attack, you have to get at least one star:

    * You get 1 star for achieving 50% or more damage
    * You get 1 star for destroying the Pirate Hall
    * To get 3 stars, everything must be destroyed.

    If this is a replay of someone attacking your base, and the replay shows their attack failing but the Log Book says that they defeated your island, then this is a known issue with replays unfortunately being inaccurate at times. The Log Book is always correct, replays less so. We're working to fix this issue.
  6. ThanhTamPK

    ThanhTamPK Powder Monkey

    That is not what I wanted to ask .
    I want to ask is why I lost.
    I 'm being attacked
    not an attack
  7. ThanhTamPK

    ThanhTamPK Powder Monkey

    Thank you
  8. Oh my bad, I must have misread your post.

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