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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Odog-ethan, Dec 7, 2017.

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    I ask this question not trying to be mean or anything, just curious is midoki a real full time job? I wonder as it seems this is only game they've made in 3 yrs that I can find, is this basically just a hobbie or labor of love for a few people working on weekends and after work and such, if so then the lack of real updates makes sense and I'll cut you some slack as for 3 yrs this game has provided some pretty good entertainment and thank you for that, did the main part of team stay at rovio after the split and you guys just working short staffed? Again I ask this not to be mean just trying to get a perspective on why lack/quality of updates has dropped so much after first year and a half. Or is the majority of time being spent on a new game? If so maybe drop us a teaser of what that game will be and I'm sure many will be happy to support it, as it's clear you do know how to make a good game we all loved this one at some point.
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    My understanding is that Midoki employees are inmates in a maximum security psychiatric hospital. The game itself was devised as a form of occupational therapy for them to express their inner demons in a relatively safe manner. (This explains some of the more grotesque pirate appearances, which are most likely self images.) The inmates are only allowed to code between their group therapy and ECT sessions, which explains the slow pace of new content.
  3. LOL :eek::D
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  5. Odog-ethan

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    I did see that projects page. I assumed those were games prior to PP as crazy taxi has been on that screen ever since I looked years ago. The other one says devolped 2012 and the other one does not appear to be a game in any way. I'll be first to admit I have no clue the cycle of production for an app, however I'd guess In 3 yrs you would put our a new one. Just was curious was all.
  6. Sea Patriot

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    Are you suggesting the developers are reincarnations of the real life Legendary Pirates themselves?
  7. Morgan Ford

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    If they are coding then who is making all the license plates?
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  8. Sea Patriot

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