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    today, a bug fix update came and reverted the controversial economy issues. It has been talked about in my guild for a while. Unfortunately, they haven't fixed one part of the economy. I am talking about rearming. Almost every time I get attacked, my traps have to be rearmed for a heavy price of 500k and above gold. I want it to be reduced by 80-90%. That is the main reason why I rarely get to upgrade my base to protect myself, the others are mainly about higher levelled players at PH10+. I am PH9. Also, it is hard to attack other players, mainly because of the said higher levelled players. Finally, the cost to use gems for an upgrade or retrain pirates is crazy. In Clash of Clans, I would need at least 500 gems to get 1 million gold. In this game, that is double. And getting gems is hard as well, as hard as Clash Royale.

    In conclusion, the economy in the game is unfair and a big problem, yet a part of it was fixed
  2. If it takes you 500 gems to get 1 million gold, you are doing something wrong. You should be "farming". If I have at least 50 gems I can farm for my next upgrade. The upgrades I am looking at are +9 mil.

    I don't know what the number is going to be at PH9. I think it was 325K or something. For PH11, the number is 455k. When you are farming, you look for bases where the potential gold and grog are that number (455k for PH11). If you find a base like that with the gold mines and the distilleries out, you use a couple gunners and take it. You lose PR but at least you can get your upgrade. You use 1 gem to replace those gunners and you repeat.

    If you are unsure if the gold or grog is out in the mines or distilleries, send out 1 gunner. See if he cleans up. If he does then send out more.

    Farming is boring or a challenge. It is all in how you look at it. (Most of the time it is boring.)

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    Yes the rearming is expansive, but wait when you have ph11 and all your traps, flamegates, voodoogates are maxed... reaming is over 1M and more,

    but when you have finally a maxed PH 11(weapons, buildings traps, WALLS :confused:, everything), your goldstorage is always FULL(if you rumble a lot) and you have no use for it, only the rearming and Blacksmith funding.
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  4. The main economy issue in my mind is not trap re arms. It is the BP requirements. Academy costing 20k, tavern 13k, cannons 5k each - at PH9. Easily near 80k BP to max a PH9. Gold is junk, throw it to walls. Or traps. Anyone can rack 9mil gold with 20gems and a hour. BP is the bottleneck.

    You don’t hear a bunch of wailing on these forums because most guys are already ph11. My main acct is ph11,but on my alt that is ph9 it is downright no fun. Everything is gated by BP.
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  5. For me the BP issue has not gone away with the Dec update. Like many players I have multiple accounts my PH 11 accounts the BP requirement changes are not noticed. I had not upgraded the mines and the flame gates all the way because I did not see cost benefit for maxing these defense when I still had several levels of walls to do. I still have a couple of levels left so have something to do and any BP I get can go to LP training.

    MY PH 9 account however is a different story - upgrades have slowed down and LP training has been put on hold. The BP now being needed for all defenses has resulted in me doing fewer attacks as if I do not have the BP to upgrade the cannons, gun towers ect... no reason to farm for gold as cannot spend it now on upgrades if no BP. Prior to the update when you had a good day raiding you had upgrades you could spend it on it was more tracking your builders.

    All I know is that they upgrades on PH 9 has slowed down and I am not playing as much because of it
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