How to earn 2000 or 1000 BP at once!!!! really works!

Discussion in 'General Strategies' started by Bakhytzhan, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. Bakhytzhan

    Bakhytzhan Powder Monkey

    Hi guys, if tired to get by 10 or 20 BP from attakcing here is solution!

    I discovered that how to earn fast BP!

    buy 8 or 10 brute, remaining buy all gunner,

    on the map find a big blue fish with 4 star.

    send to your ship with full of brute and gunner to fight with blue fish with 4 stars.

    it will take 5-7 hours.

    Finally you'll get at least 1000 BP up to 2000 BP.

    I tried about 5-6 times. and earned almost 10000 BP.

    Believe me guys, it really works.
  2. donkeykilla

    donkeykilla First Mate

  3. Dang now I really wanna see the image.

    * slick move ;)
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  4. Kelani

    Kelani Commodore

    I don't really like using that many brutes on those. 4-5 with the skill is plenty. You mostly need more troops, or you're going to get a suicidal/dangerous message. Also, instead of using all gunners, use a mix of gunners and bucs. Assuming you stopped upgrading bucs like everyone else, this saves time and money. FWIW, here's what each of the main BP-giving monsters can give.

    4* Big Fish (Normally 1,000 EP and 1,000BP, but can give 2,000 BP...2-10 gems)
    4* Bigger Fish (Normally 500 EP and 1,000 BP, but can give 2-10 gems)
    3* Bigger Fish (Normally 100-500 EP and 100-800 BP. Very easy to kill. Can sometimes get two in one trip)
    4* Sea Serpent (~500-1500 BP, but more rare, and hard to kill)
  5. Burnz

    Burnz Captain

    Wow Kel, I am never given this generous amount of Bp for my fish.
  6. Kelani

    Kelani Commodore

    You're not alone. A lot of people seem to have stingy fish. I'm sure a few are simply getting confused by the fact that there are so many similar-sounding fish, i.e.

    2* Big Fish
    3* Big Fish
    3* Bigger Fish
    4* Big Fish
    4* Bigger Fish

    but most of them...just never seem to get good (or any) BP from the fishes. I'm hoping the crew you send makes all the difference, and i'd love if some people could help test that. Otherwise, it's like the game just has fish award more BP to certain players, for some unknown reason, which is extremely unfair. Quite a few members of my guild have had a hell of a time getting enough BP for upgrades because of stingy fish. :( This is definitely something I'm going to keep an eye on.
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  7. Christy

    Christy Commodore

    Now I am curious. Because I rarely get a lot if any BP for my fish. And I don't send a full ship. Ever!! Now I want to try going for a fish with a full crew to see if I get anything.
  8. Kelani

    Kelani Commodore

    Well, for the 4* ones, you do need a lot of troops to survive the battle, so my best guess is it has something to do with how many of each troops is on the ship. There may not be anything at all to it, but just seems odd that I always send the exact same crew to all monster fights, and (usually) get the same rewards, while others send completely different troop types/quantities, and get junk. I can't believe the game likes me more than others. If anything, it probably realizes I need all the help I can get. :)
  9. Captain MetaTauta

    Captain MetaTauta First Mate

    I've hit the 4 fish plenty and only received ep, gems, or gold or combination thereof...
  10. My fish are extremely stingy.
    I don't think the troops matter much because most times I usually send 2-3 witch doctors because I send whatever is left when I go to bed. The rest are mainly gunners, brutes and juggs. Sometimes a couple bombers in the mix too.
    I started replacing most of the empty slots after my last battle of the night with buccs and the fish are still stingy. I get a couple of gems on the 4 star fish and a 3 star fish earlier gave me 100bp lol... I'm very jealous of all of you getting 1000s. :)
  11. Kelani

    Kelani Commodore

    I don't get sending WDs on the ship. I've never seen any info that shows their protective abilities have any effect on sea battles. If they do, then that's a good idea for the Ghost Ship and harder monster battles, but if not, only their damage and toughness matter, which seems like a huge waste of hiring time, resources and fighting strength. Does anyone know for sure?

    Anyway, if anyone gets bored, give my troop count a try. Here's what I send.

    3 Juggs (with skill)
    3 Brutes (with skill)
    The rest 50% bucs / 50% gunners. Sometimes I do 60% bucs/40% gunners. Seems to make no difference.
  12. Burnz

    Burnz Captain

    Kel, thanks for pointing out that there are different 3 and 4 star fish. I never really pay any attention to that, I just look for stars.
  13. Yeah, I wouldn't send WDs by choice. They just tend to accumulate in the rotation since I normally keep a couple WD on hand but if I don't need them in the battles prior to sending out a ship then they just end up going out to sea with the rest.

    I think I will try your combo lol I need that last academy!
  14. # Johnny Doe #

    # Johnny Doe # First Mate

    I actually send the same troops every time...the same army I farm with and I've got 2K BP twice and lately a lot of 700's.
    But my BP always varied even with the same troops ;)
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  15. Kelani

    Kelani Commodore

    Mine varies as well, but... I guess the best way is explain is to just show the numbers. Because I'm a nerd with too much free time, I logged every 3*-4* Fish and 4* monster/ship I've killed, just to see how often I get BP, and find the average # of troops eaten. Here's my list by monster type, most recent attacks first.

    4* Sea Serpent: 75k grog, 1500BP
    4* Sea Serpent: 75k grog, 1500BP
    4* Sea Serpent: 50k grog, 600BP

    4* bigger fish: 700EP, 700BP
    4* bigger fish: 700EP, 700BP
    4* bigger fish: 2 Gems
    4* bigger fish: 500EP 1,000BP
    4* bigger fish: 500EP, 1,000BP
    4* bigger fish: 500EP, 1,000BP
    4* bigger fish: 500EP, 1,000BP
    4* bigger fish: 500EP, 1,000BP

    4* Big Fish: 1,000EP, 1,000BP
    4* Big Fish: 2,000BP
    4* Big Fish: 2,000BP
    4* Big Fish: 1,000EP 500BP
    4* Big Fish: 700EP, 700BP
    4* Big Fish: 700EP, 700BP
    4* Big Fish: 700EP, 700BP

    3* Bigger Fish: 10,000 gold, 400BP
    3* Bigger Fish: 8,000 gold, 200EP, 200BP

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