How player PR contributes to your Guild Rank

Discussion in 'Guild Strategies' started by Kelani, May 13, 2015.

  1. Kelani

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    Reposting this, just so it's easy to find. All credit goes to @TBird for originally figuring this out. Short link is for anyone who wants to use it.

    How personal rank affects your Guild Rank.

    Your Guild's Rank is generated by a set precentage of each player's PR
    Player Rank - Percentage of PR Applied to Guild Rank

    1-10 = 50%
    11-20 = 25%
    21-30 = 12%
    31-40 = 10%
    41-50 = 3%
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  2. thomssi

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    It's not quite that simple but close enough. Did you realise your link points to itself rather than other thread (at least in my browser).
  3. Raptelan

    Raptelan Captain

    Would be nice if Midoki could confirm the actual formula, that is close as are other guesses but no cigar...
  4. thomssi

    thomssi First Mate

    I'm pretty certain for top 10 it is dive by 2 but round down for individual, next 10 it is same but divide by 4, again round down individuals (always round down, i.e. .75 rounds to zero not to 1). Beyond that I didn't really look much further. I think next level is by 8. Updates seem asynchronous which doesn't help. The rounding down and individually rather than en-bloc can make a fair few difference if you are unlucky.
  5. Kelani

    Kelani Commodore

    Every time myself and others have used this, we've gotten within 4-8 points of the actual rank. IMO, that's accurate enough. :)

    Yes, I realize the link points here. This lets me post the shortlink in my guild chat and send people directly to the chart, rather than a post in the middle of a long thread without any of the explanatory stuff or formatting.

    I guess it can, but in my experience, it doesn't. Actually, the asychronous part is easy to deal with. Just find a time when nobody's on for 10-15 minutes and copy down the current guild rank and everyone's current PR. It'll be accurate.
  6. Bear

    Bear Commodore

    I think competitive guilds will need this info for rumbles and wars.
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