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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by McQ, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Broadside

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    I'm still trying to find this much hyped increase in BP. I found 1000 BP in a 16 hour sail to take out an ice serpent or something (no other BP on the trip). Enough for 5% of a perk. Yesterday I got a big fish with 500BP. Nothing that suggests 5k a day is achievable just to fund the BS. Rumble rewards are the same. Fewer rewards from chests. North sea has a long sailing time and it seems most beasts are only offering EP, so maybe I abandon the exploration and go to the old maps for BP farming?

    Perks were always a problem for small guilds. They're essential to balance. I don't understand why perks are so important to midoki. They affected balance so much in favour of big guilds that the smaller guild's players had no chance being competitive. This update clearly frustrates the big guilds and makes the problem for smaller ones worse. I don't see 5000 bp a day rolling on in easily to cover the massive increases in daily costs even though I'm rumbling, streaking, sailing constantly. 2 weeks of this? Where is the BP?
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    The big guilds don't like this at all. Our guild of maxed PHs need 14 million grog a day to keep the stonemason going. Are you even kidding me?!?! That perk was a beat down before, now it's just dumb.
  3. Sea Patriot

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    You tok the words right out of my mouth.

    WOLLIMAUS First Mate

    But do you think that a maxed player has to upgrade his defense and goldmines etc. and can spent that EP and BP what he/she has "to much"? No, he or she has done all that. Still developing players got kicked in the butt with that. 5000 BP For upgrading every canon to level 15 at ph 9? And mortars the same amount? Guntowers i haven't even checked yet, seeing already nightmares. What was economic tweaking about that? What were you thinking?

    The grog is and was always a issue to fund the Stonemason in the past too, now it is even more worse. A lot of increases has been done, but not with the productionrate for goldmines and grogdest.
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  5. However EP and BP are two quite different resources, one is easy to get and create a surplus of (i have 1/2m EP and little to spend it on), the other is a constant need. And now it's infinitely worse.
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    This new update has made it much more convenient to spend your extra EP mate
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    Being a player who is already maxed out, I could not see the additional BP cost to upgrade canons and mortars, but this is absolutely absurd. Regardless of the perks, why is midoki adding BP to the cost of upgrading defenses!?!? This makes no sense at all! Yeah yeah yeah they increased the amount you can get from attacks, but by no means was adding BP to the cost of defensive upgrades a good idea! @Lynsey [Midoki] can you please explain this?? What is the point of this?? As a young island all you want to save ur BP for is the academy and that takes forever! Now you can’t even upgrade canons without it?? Seems like the most backwards rationale I’ve ever seen: “hey, let’s take the most difficult resource to collect and save and require players to spend it on defensive upgrades, perks, and buildings” perfect... come on midoki, this was a terrible idea.

    Happy sailing,

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    I would like to make a suggestion to Midoki if they are listening.....
    KEEP the increased bp and ep, it was long overdue and it's the least we deserve.
    REMOVE the ep and bp charges you put on buildings...there are other things that stuff needs to be used for. Remove it from AC as well. You are killing us with bp charges. Maybe lower it as well on Lp's too
    KEEP latest new chests, but don't make everything chest reward. KUDOS to being able to preview the chest now tho. I do like that. With silo as it is and not having room, at least I know what to open and what not to.
    REMOVE the new perk funding. I understand you think it was a problem but like it was said, it's really up to the guild to sort that out. You want more guild participation in it, I then revert funds back the way they were and lower the CONTRIBUTION AMOUNT! Make it 10-15% rather than 25/50%....that will get/force more people to donate without breaking the bank. The way it is now, people can hardly donate 5%
    DO NOT monitor the impact of the update during an event...that's simply not going to give a fair reading as people will tend to play different during this time.
    REBALANCE what needs to be - plunder points for lower ph...let them feel they are contributing to rumbles and events more to help encourage them
    As for outfits....whatever. Some people care, others don't. It is what it is. Doesn't impact game much at all.

    I understand you feel these updates you did (perks) were warranted but looking at have gone a bit overboard. As mentioned earlier, perhaps if we can be shown/told the reasoning behind this dramatic change, we could understand but to do it without a justification (I strongly believe it is up to the guild leaders to sort out), it's just too much to swallow. I plead that you revert perk update and just change the contribution amount instead.
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    Great post, but I can't remember the last time Perks were mentioned as being a problem by any member. Well, I take that back a little, the stonemason even before the update was a huge grog sucker and I can remember complaining that is cost too much, lol now its doubled in the new update, hahahhaahahah, nice joke Midoki. Midoki, the update is a complete disaster but if I had to choose one thing to fix it would be the Perks.
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  10. woo and er... hoo
  11. K.K.Lassig

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    Old perks are back according to plunder pirate news check it out and give it a like so they know you approved
  12. 850arrr

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