How many 4* Big Fish should there be?

Discussion in 'Exploration Bugs' started by porrig, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. porrig

    porrig Crew

    My map is 100% explored, and I've always had two 4* Bigger Fish (grey). I used to have two 4* Big Fish (blue) but now I only have one and it has been this way for weeks now. I have two 4* Sea Serpents, two 4* Mighty Krakon, two 4* Ghost Ships, etc.

    Where's my second 4* Big Fish? Or should there only be one? I asked this question in my Guild but the only person who replied said he hadn't seen a 4* Big Fish for ages. My current 4* Big Fish is located at A21.

  2. CyborgGR

    CyborgGR First Mate

    It evolved to a sea serpent...o_O
  3. CyborgGR

    CyborgGR First Mate

    ...or maybe the 5* "Biggest Fish" ate it... :p
  4. It's very likely that one of the big fish is traded for the Chinese Fleet. During events like this some other "monsters" are replaced by the seasonal stuff
  5. CyborgGR

    CyborgGR First Mate

    NO. I still think it was eaten.
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  6. I heard Chinese still hunt for whales.. Or was it Japan..
  7. porrig

    porrig Crew

    Thanks. I'm certain I only had one 4* Big Fish before the Chinese New Year update. Maybe it was eaten...
  8. Kelani

    Kelani Commodore

    There are three 4* Bigger fishes. From my guide:

    3* and 4* Fish & Serpent Locations
    4* Bigger Fish #1: H3 (moves to L0 and Y19) (can give 50-2000 BP)
    4* Bigger Fish #2: T24 (moves to X21) (can give 50-2000 BP)
    4* Bigger Fish #3: i1 (moves to H23) (can give 50-2000 BP)

    4* Big Fish #1: W10 (moves to U4 and W0) (can give 50-2000 BP)
    4* Big Fish #2: D22 (moves to H23 and A21) (can give 50-2000 BP)

    3* Bigger Fish #1: P21 (Moves to D17) (Can give 50-800BP)
    3* Bigger Fish #2: T21 (Moves to P21 and ?? ) (Can give 50-800BP)
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  9. porrig

    porrig Crew

    I have nothing in any of the positions for your first 4* Big Fish or your third 4* Bigger Fish. I definitely used to have two 4* Big Fish, but only had one for ages. I think the missing position for the second 3* Bigger Fish is...
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  10. Kelani

    Kelani Commodore

    Sometimes, (I'm guessing when an update changes the sea monsters, or something) one of them will go on vacation for awhile. I've had times where there was only one on the map. Usually, doing 1-2 quick 30-second explorations, going back to town between each one will make it respawn.

    Thanks for the new coord!
  11. porrig

    porrig Crew

    Yeah, and I've tried that (I do that when I want one of my 4* Bigger Fish to respawn quickly). I haven't seen my second 4* Big Fish in over a month now, and I don't recall ever having three 4* Bigger Fish on the map at the same time since I uncovered 100% a couple of months ago.

    I thought my second 4* Big Fish might come back after the Chinese update went away, but it hasn't.

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