How long does it take to get help/answer from the support team?

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    A good friend of mine, lost last Sunday contact to his island, because he choose by accident the wrong option when he opened his device and the question was does he wanna go in his plunders or in his sons? Same account different islands, it's possible.

    He send a in game ticket to the support on sunday and explained the situation... and a again and again...

    NO ANSWER at all!!! Today is thursday and he is in a VERY active guild an can't play.

    WHY it takes so long to get even an answer or help and back in the game?
  2. Barbe Rose

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    I know who you are talking about. And I approve that message!

    But I do have to say that in my experience I always got pretty fast responses from Midoki team. Just last week they replied in just a few hours via the in-game support. And when I emailed them to get my old island back they did it in a couple of days.

    There was a holyday on Tuesday for some catholic countries, so maybe long weekend for the support?

    But again, I do agree, let’s help “Capitan del Ron” fast please, we all miss him a lot!
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    WOLLIMAUS Captain


    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    Now it's weekend again... and still no help from support???

    6d and 18h offline!! not nice, please SUPPORT TEAM do something about it and give Capitan_del_Ron from drunkNdisorderly his island back!!
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