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    I mean: Why i have the strong feeling that when my Ph 10 get's over PR 600 the game is suggesting me in 90% ONLY MAXED or almost MAXED OUT Ph 11's? In rare cases i see a ph 10. In rumbles ph 8/9/10- rivals.

    Even with maxed Ph 10 troops i have no chance to get a 3 star victory from a maxed Ph 11 in rumbles or when attacking it just for fun.
    Why is that made so difficult or is not better balanced?? Shouldn't the game look more for even rivals? On every Ph level!!!
    Yes, i guess you say now that current battle match system it is made for players which wanna level up faster(PR)... but why try doing that when you get butt kicked/fail every time again and again. That is not encouraging at all. And the biggest joke is that when you are for example at PR 650 with your Ph 10... a fully maxed ph 11 much lower PR ranked player flattens you and take a big part PR away again... maybe you worked for it hours and hours to get there and some much stronger player(pirate levels) finds a easy target and boom :(.

    I would like to play at a higher PR with my mini for getting better plunder-points in rumbles, but it makes no sense at all. The Ph 10 troops doesn't/can't do enough damage to maxed buildings and defenses in 3min. And after waiting 55 min that troops are ready, i don't wanna "come home" only with half or less(10%) plunder-points.

    The PR gaining would be sometimes awesome when i search for a target at this moment, but i don't benefit from it... only 3 stars give the highest points and also for events like Plundertime and Thunderstruck the 3 star victory is important to get the highest possible token amount. Level 41 gunners have no chance against maxed canons during storm. Only lev 47 have enough toughness to fight during storm.

    Maybe a little tweak in these kind of things would be great :). Not to make it easier of course ;), but more FAIR o_O @Lynsey [Midoki]
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