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Discussion in 'Fan Forum' started by Shark Bait, Oct 8, 2014.

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    I understand what your saying, I just don't get why people hover around the 400 range when loot is infinitely better at 100-200. It's strange to me how people get so hung up on rank. Either drop or keep climbing, but sitting around 400 is madness. I was around 400 for a week and it slowed production to a crawl, so I went back down to where the loot is and it will be a long time before I go back to the dead zone again.
    As far as raiding at higher levels I think every half hour or so isn't too bad. Only reason to raid up there is to increase rank and I'm not sure being able to gain 15 pirate rankings every 10 minutes is a good thing. Just my 2 cents.
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    This is not an exaggeration. Spent over 1 hour searching raids, only found two with over 100k total loot, but still under 200k total. Only way I could see to win was to use WitchDoctors. Cost of WitchDoctors and Juggs exceeded grog that would've been won. All during this process, almost every time I hit the button to "plunder" and start a raid, it brought me back to my village. The one time I did count, it brought me back to my village 18 straight times, then gave me an option to raid a town with 42k grog and 14k in gold (would not have covered the cost of using the Juggs). Then 8 times straight after hitting "Plunder", it brought me back to my town. Then another useless raid. Then several more repeated trips to my town. This is ridiculous. So, a wasted hour. Loss of 220k in gold and 170k in grog from getting raided after dropping shield. Zero gained. There seems to be little point in wasting my time attempting to raid. So I'll check in once a day. Collect resources, and send my ship on another exploration. There is seriously an important item missing in the raiding equation. As much as I hate Clash of Clans, you don't have these issues there. At least there are always raids to do, and you can boost troop production. So raiding once, then waiting an hour for troops to be ready is not an issue over there. And since you can raid more than once an hour, you do not have to make every single raid count. So, again I ask the question. What am I missing? Do I need to drop my pirate rank 400 points and raid where the pickings are easy? As much as I enjoy being on the leaderboard, think my only option is to drop down in pirate rank. Another depressing thought, after working so hard to get on the leaderboard. Thanks for listening to me vent!
  3. I agree that loot possibilities between 400-500 are much worse than between 200-300. This won't change until incentives change.

    However, there are a couple of things you can do that will help at any rank.

    First, while shielded, recruit a group of pirates and then send them on a 3-hour cruise. While they're out recruit a replacement squad. When your shield runs out or you're ready to break it you can do it with the replacements, then take the pirates off your ship for two back-to-back raids.

    Secondly, you can only be attacked while offline! Use this to it's fullest. Do your first raid, then train more troops and while they're training, pore over your defenses, rearrange your decorations alphabetically, or replay every attack/defense in slow-mo. You'll be invincible!
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  5. I found a way to drop shield and not let myself get raided, no it isn't a hack either nor do I spend a tone of money on gems to keep buying shields either. I found it by mistake playing another TD on my phone, I wonder what my secret is?????
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    So, I fill my storages with 7.5 mil grog. Go to bed, wake you 7 hours later with 3.5 mil grog left and still no shield. 80% of the attacks did not exceed 20% in damage. Not concerned as I can drop rank and get it back in no time. But there are players that do not possess the ability to recoup such loses so easily. Only seems fair if others can take 20-25% of our resources, we should also be allowed to keep some resources that others can't touch. Since pirates don't have safes on their boats, maybe a storage device that decapitates anyone one who ventures too close. Allow us to add a certain percentage of loot each day into this secure device, maxing out at whatever amount the Devs seem to think is appropriate. Might alleviate some of the frustrations if players can see at least a percentage of their hard earned loot is safe from being stolen. Maybe allow them to add 10% per day. Then players can see a light at the end of the tunnel knowing in 10 days they will have enough saved up to get that PH upgrade, instead of being robbed blind by people like me every time they get anywhere close to having enough saved for an important upgrade.
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    We did have some early complaints in my guild but they seam ok now,

    Personally I noticed a lack of loot after the recent update which i think was just due to a lot of activity with people buying stuff in the excitment, loot seams to be back now and the pirate catcher from yesterday has reduced my recruitment time so I'm getting more loot now than ever.

    Also noticed weekends sometimes less loot again think this is more ppls online and spending and by midweek there are lots of fat islands just asking me to raid them. Don't take them all now I've told you about this leave me a couple :)
  8. How about that nice cave on every island off to the side with loot in it would be a nice safe storage area that can't be raided nothing to crazy as amount stored in it but something would be nice. Plus that cave looks bad a$$ use it @Chris [Midoki] . Plus you know pirates love caves and burying the booty after raiding it.
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    Yep, I was quite disappointed when i realized cave had no use, especially as you can see loot in their! +1 to Trons idea.
    Perhaps loot can only be used for the highest priced items of that PH level and there is a daily charge for using it, too keep loot flowing in game
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  13. Captain MetaTauta

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    Yes, inquiring minds want to know
  14. Stay loged in is all. Cheers;)
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    That cave is very cool. Wish it had some use. Storing some small amount of loot would be nice. Would be fun to see pirates walking around it. right now, island is just flat. Would be fun to see pirates going up and down some on that corner island. Maybe PP will implement a fourth currency for buying special things (e.g. SS' onyx). And it could be stored there, hehe. Or maybe a single use long range sniper (^-^), or....I dunno, something fun.
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  16. Sniper pirate with one eye yes! Lol
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    And a little tangentially off topic: A bummer in PP when defending is you don't have any of your guys going around battling with the attacker. Shoot, even if they were weak, and just slowed things down a little without really taking out attackers, It'd be a blast to see pirates battling each other, hehe
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    Easiest way for you to acquire Gold and grog is to buy me a $99 jem packand then I will allow you to attack me once a week
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    You don't get hit when you're out exploring, at least, I haven't.
    So long as I time my exploring for the correct duration, doesn't seem like I get hit. Could be luck
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    1. Using gems to buy gold is a bad idea. Use them to rush tavern training and rapdly raid instead.

    2. If you're getting attacked that much you look like an easy target, and if losing that much you probably are. Fix your island design and focus on upgrading defenses first. High OH levels with low level defenses are easy, high loot targets - my favorite kind. On the other hand I rarely am attacked more than once every day or two and it doesn't make a dent when I am. I don't get defeated unless a PH7 or high PH6 base with much better units decided they wanted an easy target (I'm still PH5). I keep 4 builders working constantly and am almost always maxed out on gold because I can't spend it fast enough.

    3. Upgrade your collectors and tavern and train as much as possible. I recommend at least maxing out your defenses before upgrading PH.

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