How did I miss that????

Discussion in 'General Strategies' started by Keelhauler Jake, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. Keelhauler Jake

    Keelhauler Jake First Mate

    A thread for the obvious or not so obvious that people might miss.
  2. Keelhauler Jake

    Keelhauler Jake First Mate

    My first contribution:
    I just realized that I have in effect two ships...
    I can recruit a crew to go exploring with a single Buccanier for a voyage of discovery or a more substantial crew to attack things.
    Then once I send that Ship off to its destination I can recruit a second crew and go attack other Islands! (In my special invisible spare Pirate Ship).
    Of course I have to have the resources and deal with losing crew if both crew return and put me over the tavern limit, but boy, do I wish I'd figured that out long ago instead of waiting around for my explorers to return!!!!
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  3. Gangrene Beard

    Gangrene Beard Commodore

    My moment was regarding the pirates returned on board the ship and a full tavern. Collecting the returned pirates with a full tavern sends the returned pirates to their death, with no return of grog
  4. Keelhauler Jake

    Keelhauler Jake First Mate

    Nothing personal, but I'm glad you mentioned that. I wasn't sure it was clear enough in my post. Now I certainly is.

    As another moment, I'd wondered what would happen if I hit that little (-) button next to the crew members being recruited in the tavern. I'd always feared that I'd not get the Grog back. Turns out I hit it by accident when I was trying to find out the skills. Bye bye half the Grog paid I seem to recall.
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  5. Keelhauler Jake

    Keelhauler Jake First Mate

    Maybe I should have named this the Anti-Strategy Thread - what not to do.

    Another mistake - seeking revenge while shielded.
    When that dialog comes up and ask you if you really want to do that because you will lose your shield, make sure you heed the advice. Chances are that opponent is either rebuilding (something you should be able to see from a visit, but I'm pretty sure there's a time delay which means you can't or something) or shielded themselves and your attack will fail - but you will STILL LOSE YOUR SHIELD! Grrrrrr!
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  6. zag

    zag Crew

    I did that this morning. So annoying.

    Also. Stun Mines look like flower boxes to the attacker. So you can sorta guess where they are vs a PH5. The PH6s get a few "decoy" flower box decorations.
  7. Gristle

    Gristle First Mate

    I use it as a bonus, during the 7 hour voyages if I time it right I get two attacks in a row when the ship is done.
  8. leematthews

    leematthews Powder Monkey

    That you can train multiple pirates at the same time at the Academy;
  9. Keelhauler Jake

    Keelhauler Jake First Mate

    Yep! I guess they have several different classrooms. Thinking about it, it's more like outdoor training with poor suckers as victims!!!!!
  10. Walker D. Plank

    Walker D. Plank Powder Monkey

    Thanks. I did not realize this. AS IF I had enough grog to train 2 at once. LOL
  11. Gangrene Beard

    Gangrene Beard Commodore

    Don't worry, soon you'll have plenty. Work on raiding more often and your storages will be full. Keep in mind too that it's well worth it to skip until you find the perfect opponent.
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  12. Walker D. Plank

    Walker D. Plank Powder Monkey

    Yeah, right. LOL. I raid every 30 minutes and skip like there's no tomorrow. I have never been able to train more than one pirate at once with training costing 500k per class. My Academy is at Level 3 and I just did my final class. Time to raid 900k of grog so I can get to Academy 4. Those classes are even more expensive. This game is so grog dependent. I have gold out the wazoo but nothing to spend it on at the moment so I will just keep saving that for my next PH upgrade I suppose.
  13. Gangrene Beard

    Gangrene Beard Commodore

    I've generally got 2-3 classes upgrading at a time. I rarely have problems raiding for grog. What's the minimum amout that you look for when raiding?
  14. Walker D. Plank

    Walker D. Plank Powder Monkey

    Currently I look for 90-100k of grog.
  15. ll DarkZero ll

    ll DarkZero ll Captain

    The Gold/Grog ratio seems to even out at Pirate Hall 5. I had the same thought though, "I'm always full on Gold but where meh drink at?" When you start upgrading walls and other defenses it does even itself out somewhat. If there's less than 100k G&G then I just auto skip it. It just feels that way because all the Grog upgrades are so expensive at once whereas Gold is more spread out.

    Also in case you missed it, Wynn is a human being.
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  16. Raptelan

    Raptelan Captain

    PH5 gives four flower box decorations...
  17. Kyzo

    Kyzo Crew

    I bet no one noticed theres a slide outside the academy pretty random only noticed it watching pirate view thing
  18. Gangrene Beard

    Gangrene Beard Commodore

    Did you notice that as you upgrade the academy, so does the playground outside
  19. None of the male characters have noses,but the female ones do? Odd
  20. Captain Monkey

    Captain Monkey First Mate

    The turtle, it took me a month before a realized a large turtle on my base. I thought it was rocks. Stupid sneaky turtle.

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