Good bye :) Sail well my Friends

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dplank Beard, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. So my Good's time for me to set sail...yes I know the beasts Mayheem Mutineers...yes you know them buncH of aRSE HOLDES TO KICK you ....but iM Friendly....brings a you be awesome i'm setting sail in the sunset...and you be nice...i have really enjoyed the game...Good Bye. Best Regards Plank.
  2. Bro some of us feed off of love 'n' care and others off of hatred, please don't leave the game for the wrong reasons. We all have a bad spell and I have more haters than you. I'm totally against players leaving once all is maxed level. Time to give back to the people who helped you to get there. You gotta learn to swim with the sharks and dolphins alike. Come back and let's ride together through the next guild event, hope you see things my way and return stronger than ever. No matter what, I respect your decision... your brother always Riaz (UR)
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  3. Greetings Unique...thank you for your kind words...I do love the sharks and dolphins quote :) I may come back in time my friend..I;m like DUNE the movie...the spice of Life is our Gift...all the best my friend. Best Regards Dplank Beard.
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  4. Come join me now, I'm not hard to find love 'n' respect bro
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  5. Is it wrong I cannot take anything serious...maybe that's the Secret of Life>>>>>>>HMMMMM
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  6. keep it classy :)
  7. Keep an open mind, not an open heart.
  8. Seawitch

    Seawitch First Mate

    I have to agree with my friend @Unique Rebel take a short break if you need, then come back to give back. You are different, good different. Take no notice of haters. If I got used to you everyone can
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