Game crashes during Island Editor mode

Discussion in 'Build Bugs' started by Skye, Jul 19, 2015.

  1. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    This is the third time the game has crashed on me near the end of an hour long editing session. Since I always start from scratch when making a new layout, I'm unable to save until its finished (usually all I have left by the time it crashes is decorations :c which makes it extra frustrating). It doesn't happen right away, it usually doesn't happen for 30-45 minutes, and that means 30-45 minutes worth of editing just got completely wasted.

    Since the game has the obnoxious trait of reloading every time you so much as accidentally tap one of the worried texts from someone you've been shunning for an hour to build a base, or bump the lock button, nevermind the app actually crashing or your battery dying, your base is forfeit and you have to start from scratch, and your old design is exposed for people to still raid until you sigh, reload, and try again.

    The best fix that would address every current and future problem would be to save works in progress to a temp file every time we move or "accept" the placement of an item in edit mode, so we could choose to resume if the app restarts, since the hourlong commitment it takes is too much of an investment at most times and I'd love to tab out and reply to people (let people attack the old design during this, its simple enough). But either way, the app should not be crashing, and this is the second worst time for it to happen, outside of right before 3*ing a high loot base and losing your attack, loot, and army.

    Please, please do something about this. As a mainly defensive player, I spend most of my time playing this game designing bases, and not being able to do more than tweak an old design is really frustrating. Sometimes I manage to finish one before it crashes, but it happens enough that its really getting annoying.
  2. c00ni

    c00ni First Mate

    I have also noticed crashes in the island editor.
    Nothing in particular seems to trigger it and I've had it happen as early as around 1-2 minutes into editing.

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