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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oak Island, Dec 16, 2019.

  1. Oak Island

    Oak Island Captain

    Good morning @Lynsey [Midoki] - I was hoping you could explain the post that y’all made on Facebook on Friday? The picture of the ship sailing off into the sun with the message “enjoy the voyage. Wherever it may take you”?? This is a bit ominous, don’t ya think?? Sorta feels like a “goodbye” or “thank you” of sorts. I really don’t know what to make of it, and perhaps I’m just over thinking it. A little explanation would be great!


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  2. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    It was made in tribute to the news that one of our Plunder Pirates players sadly passed away recently. :( So it was a goodbye and thank you - he was much loved by his guild.

    Sail well, Captain Mulligan.
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  3. Let's sail the sea's high for Mulligan. God Speed. Respect
  4. 38supercomp

    38supercomp Powder Monkey

    Thank you, Lynsey, for honoring our beloved member. I am not on Facebook, but a guild member who is alerted me to your post.
    We will miss Mulligan - those who only knew him in the game, and those who knew him in RL.
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  5. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    We're very sorry for your loss, condolences to his friends and family. :(
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