Figurine trade

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by bucket, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. bucket

    bucket First Mate

    Have an extra Brute figurine still in unopened box and need a bucc figurine to complete the set. I know it's a bit of a long shot but if anyone wants to trade just pm me. Thx.
  2. MorganFlint

    MorganFlint Captain

    I also got a bunch of brutes...need a thief.

    Well, I don’t really need em :rolleyes:

    Still waiting to see if they come out with any other characters o_O
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  3. laaafish

    laaafish Crew

    I have at least 2 of each priestess and brute would love to get a bucc

    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    Priestess???Do you mean thief maybe ☺️?
  5. laaafish

    laaafish Crew

    yes thief . I was thinking of getting a pirate ship and having them all aboard , but I get strange looks off my kids as it is collecting figures for a game
  6. NinjaNurse

    NinjaNurse Crew

    I have lots of unopened figurines. If anyone's looking for some or wants to complete the set or something then I'll send them for just the cost of postage.
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  7. krzysiu

    krzysiu Powder Monkey

    Hi, where are you from #NinjaNurse
  8. NinjaNurse

    NinjaNurse Crew

    I’m currently in Venice. But tomorrow I’ll be returning home to Worcestershire, England.

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