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    How do I explore the seas?
    Mighty as it may be, your ship can’t sail on its own! You must first recruit a crew of pirates. You need at least one pirate to take the helm, but having more crew on board will increase your chances in maritime battles.

    Once you have a crew, open the exploration map by tapping “Plunder” and then “Explore”.

    On the map screen, drag from your ship from the center of the screen to plot a course.

    Your ship has an amount of Range that will be used to move on the map screen. Moving one tile on the map costs a different range value based on the colour and condition of the sea in that square. The ship can only travel as far in one journey as its range will allow. Your ship starts with a range of 120. Upgrade your ship to increase its range and the maximum distance it can travel.

    When your course is set, tap “Set Sail” to embark.

    Everyone pirate currently in the Tavern when you tap the "Set Sail" button will be assigned to your ship acting as the crew. The number you have in the Tavern is represented by the blue bar on the left of the screen.

    Each journey will take an amount of time to complete, which you can see in the top right corner of the exploration screen.

    From the exploration screen, you can also engage in battles with merchant ships and sea monsters for bountiful rewards. Just plot a course to them and your crew of rapscallions will do the rest!

    What are Exploration Points? How/why do I earn them?
    When exploring, each journey will award you with Exploration Points (EP). The longer the journey, the more points you will earn. You will need prove your seaworthiness by earning EP to upgrade your ship and to build certain structures (e.g. the Lighthouse).

    How can I make my ship sail farther/do more damage/look better?
    Is your schooner looking a bit ragged? Your ship can be upgraded just like any other structure on your island by tapping the ship and then tapping “Upgrade”. Upgrading will increase the ship’s range, so you can sail further and reach every corner of the map.
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