Events, in current format, are killing this game

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Taipanfan, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. Taipanfan

    Taipanfan First Mate

    Events are causing too much grief at the moment. Midoki has stated they are designed for only “elite” guilds to complete. We now have guilds being formed purely for particular events. That’s fine for the “elite” players.
    But what happens to the lower ranked players and guilds that accept junior ph’s to their ranks. An event approaches, the “elite” players desert their “non-elite” guilds.
    The angst that causes amongst those remaining is unfair and detracts from the game experience. The life blood of the game is the progression of the junior ph’s to maxed ph’s and elite players themselves. But they, and those of us trying to promote that are given zero incentive.
    Midoki, please do something to help us.
    I don’t believe in merely bitching about stuff, so I’ll offer a couple of suggestions:
    1. Reduce the event length, so that our “elite” players don’t spend so long away from their home guilds where their advice and replay sharing helps our junior ph’s so much.
    2. Base the reward levels on the mix of ph’s and numbers in the guild, so that everyone has a chance of completing the events. (And remember, when you say “junior ph’s shouldn’t expect to finish”, what they hear is “they aren’t good enough”).
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  2. laaafish

    laaafish Crew

    Lower level and new players might struggle to complete single events, this is why I liked the guild events. So guilds could work together to complete.
    That has been lost now and it's just who can complete in the quickest time.
    For the first time since rogues split, I have joined another guild with 5 others for the event.
  3. Taipanfan

    Taipanfan First Mate

    I totally get why we have the situation of event guilds being formed. It gives the best chance of completing the guild events for PH12’s that are being held back by the lower PH’s.
    It just saddens me that Midoki is demonstrating a non-caring attitude for those new to the game. To me, Midoki are admitting the game is nearing an end and are trying to milk the last dregs of gem purchases from their long serving players in their efforts to complete the events.
    Having said that, the upcoming changes to rumbles (“Let’s talk rumbles” in the rumbles section) are a fantastic move that will encourage all levels. If they could apply that thinking to events we will have a great game, and Midoki will get great profits for a long time to come.
  4. I think most guilds won't complete the present guild event but if most guilds play smart, there is a possibility of success. I'm thankful to Midoki for giving a possible 1200 gems as a final reward and it's clear that to earn that reward you got to either use some gems or the whole guild has got to come together and work hard to achieve the final goal. Some guilds may have to score close to their PB. According to my thinking, all usual priorities have to be put on hold for now. There ain't no time to waste, just keep fighting your heart out and don't worry about the PR drop. Every event token counts as does every minute in the guild event. Freedom of movement from guild to guild is a personal choice as we should enjoy the gameplay in its intended pure form and not feel held back. I too may not get to finish the event but I will give it 220%. Back to gameplay, wishing all sharks & dolphins well ;)
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  5. MorganFlint

    MorganFlint Captain

    Black Velvet will finish the event, so I know others will too. It does take lots of playing and teamwork, as mentioned.
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  6. laaafish

    laaafish Crew

    It's like taipanfan said though, it's ok for 'elite' players who can join a guild specifically for the event. The rest left behind don't have a chance.
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  7. Taipanfan

    Taipanfan First Mate

    I too think that the gem reward at the end is a good thing. I can’t imagine any guild finishing without a considerable amount of gem use, and it’s only fair to get some of those, if not all, back.
    I also agree that everyone should be able to go to whatever guild they want to when they want to (although leaving mid rumble, or mid guild event, is rather poor form). My guild encourages visitors (as Unique Rebel knows) and we don’t discourage any of ours visiting others.
    My issue with our best scorers leaving for the guild events is that it sets up those remaining to hold resentful thoughts towards them. It does not help us keep our guilds running smoothly.
    The juniors have zero chance of being in a team that can finish the event. It takes a long time to get to PH11 and 12, which is the only realistic time anyone can really think of joining a Black Velvet or similar, and finally have chance of finishing. The message they take is that Midoki couldn’t care less about them so do they really need to keep playing a game that is designed to be unfair to them! Again it does not help us keep our guilds running smoothly.
    I honestly feel like I’m constantly in a damage control role trying to smooth out the effects of Midoki’s initiatives.
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  8. MorganFlint

    MorganFlint Captain

    I do understand, Taipanfan. (By explanation, my comment was in reply to UR’s that most guilds won’t finish). I know that some of the guilds we merge with for BV leave behind some who can’t or who don’t want to play hard for the event, and some of the best leave Stagger Inn, so SI rarely gets far :(. BV is an example of a solution, but not for lower scoring players (little time, lower PH, etc) for obvious reasons. But we do it to step up to the challenge of finishing.
    I don’t have an answer to keeping the good players in guild for the event because I understand why they go, but I also understand completely the frustration it causes for the remaining players. Perhaps they can also create an event alliance also? May still not finish, but perhaps they can go further.
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  9. Taipanfan

    Taipanfan First Mate

    These solutions are what we come up with as a result to what Midoki comes up with. Totally get that. I’m not sure that Midoki are aware of the damage they do, and just wish they’d get involved in the conversation.

    Another solution would be for them to run two levels of competition with reward gems available for the BV type guilds. For anyone with lower level PH’s halve the target and no gems in the reward. Let the Captains have a button to choose which version of the event they want. Probably hard to set up but it doesn’t treat the faithful players of the game like crap.
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  10. MorganFlint

    MorganFlint Captain

    Yes, finishing an event is nice. I hear your point.
    The current setup lets smaller guild get rewards too, but they just can’t finish. If Midoki doesn’t change it, maybe it’s just a mindset that needs to be changed. Set a goal in the existing event tree and go for it!
  11. Intimidator

    Intimidator Captain

    Idk what the answer is really, but maybe if there were different event tiers guilds could compete in, it might help matters. I’ve seen other games that put you in a specific group based on your performance in events. You move up a level or tier if you do well (More rewards, harder goals, etc). If the next tier is too difficult you get moved back based on where you placed.

    Being put in one big pile where only the elite get to finish isn’t all that fair. Not every guild is stocked with all max level players and gem spenders to meet the goal. Don’t get discouraged. Set a goal and shoot for that. It’s not realistic that everyone will finish the way events are set up currently.

    Edit: @Taipanfan already suggested something similar. I failed to see it when I skimmed through this thread earlier. Good idea to make some different event levels for other guilds to compete in and get that same feeling of accomplishment. Obviously the rewards and goals would be tougher the higher you progressed, but you get the idea.

    If I were making different leagues I’d suggest:
    & Heavy Gunners
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  12. Heatmiser4

    Heatmiser4 Crew

    I have mixed opinions on this matter. I agree with @Taipanfan that the way these events are set up encourages people to leave home guilds and go to event guilds that will easily finish. We all know there are different levels even among ph12 players. Casual, dedicated non gemmers, and then those serious go all out players. (Many of us fall in that last category). For guilds with most of the latter these events are not too difficult. But most guilds are not in that category and these events put a very negative strain on guild members. My guild did not have members leave and we brought a few great players in to help. Many are working very hard but to get all 50 that are good at this is tough. So causes hard feelings. But many of my low scorers in this event are my best sailors and have shone in different events. All we can do is stress teamwork and fight hard. My mini was at black velvet which has already completed this event. Some players there may have left home guilds but most are from mini size guilds that need to combine to be able to finish. The talent and work they all put in was amazing and I understand the feelings of only wanting to work where everyone pulls their fair share. One of the best parts of our game is the freedom to play at a guild that suits your style best. I feel like Midoki started events to help guilds work together as a team but by setting the end goal of gems only for the most elite guilds the events are now having the opposite effect on many guilds. I am not suggesting making the end easy or obtainable by all. Maybe guild leagues and levels is the answer. Hopefully something will change soon as many are beginning to dread these events.

    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    I like this idea. The token amount :3 and also the gem reward at the end(would be still 400 gems for Buccaneers) and the captains can decide at beginning of the event in which league their guild is playing the event- option button. But it should be possible to see first the reward trees before making a desicion. Not have to make a blind desicion and be later disappointed when seeing what are the rewards when logged the league. Some rewards maybe also needs to taken away for the 2 lighter leagues(like the EP rewards ;)), but the gem reward should stay for every league at the end of the reward tree. :)

    Also for individual events should be different leagues. Sailing event for example. 60k tokens are easy to achive with a maxed ship/obs and almost/fully opened maps.
    For example a ph8 level player(maxed ship+obs at that lvl) never will finish it... it is just not possible WITHOUT using gems. 30-35k is max if u know how to sail ;).

    There are a many different possibilties to make events more customized for different kind of guilds. I know that makes a lot more work ;), but it keeps us players happier :D. And a happy player might also start buying gems occasionally if he/she doesn‘t it yet. o_O A win-win for both sides.
  14. Intimidator

    Intimidator Captain

    I think another added dimension to events would be nice. How about adding a battle point multiplier to Thunderstruck? Perhaps an exploration point multiplier to Boggs or a loot bonus to Plundertime? It would be great for people that are lacking one resource or another to have a chance to catch up. Sometimes it’s a slow grind, and waiting on resources to build up can wear down ones patience. We don’t want anyone giving up do we? A little boost every couple weeks would be something to look forward to. It would encourage more participation in events and gem spending. Some people might go nuts knowing they’d get say 10x more bp/ep during an event or a % of loot bonus.
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  15. Oak Island

    Oak Island First Mate

    This is a fantastic idea @Intimidator! I totally agree 100% and it would definitely make people play more for sure. This should definitely be incorporated! Well done, sir!


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  16. ScoopyWP

    ScoopyWP Crew

    What Tim and Oak said ☝️
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