Empty pirate ship bug?

Discussion in 'Exploration Bugs' started by Krayzkat, May 16, 2015.

  1. Krayzkat

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    I just saw the pirate face balloon above my ship, so clicked it to have my crew returned to me.

    Then I went back onto the map to select another big fish to kill, when I noticed that my ship is still on a voyage with 10 hours to go

    I was heading straight to a 4 star fish but there was a low level shark near the start of the voyage. I think it was after the shark battle that the option to return pirates appeared.

    Never heard or seen this happen before
  2. Interesting, can you tell us what happened after you finished your trip? I'm guessing but when you force close the app en reopen it, it would probably show the right amount. But still if not then please tell us what happened
  3. Spongee

    Spongee Commodore

    I've had this happen a few times to me. Even posted a thread and pics a few months back. Your exploration will finish just as it normally does if the pirates were still aboard, at least it always has for me.
  4. Krayzkat

    Krayzkat Crew

    but now that i have 0 pirates aboard my ship which is due to attack a 4 star big fish, will i automatically lose the battle? or because of the bug, will i automatically win? or am i wasting 10 hours for nothing
  5. Krayzkat

    Krayzkat Crew

    i've opened the app on both iPhone and iPad and ship still says 0 pirates aboard...

    .... and anyway, i've just raided with them now lol
  6. Spongee

    Spongee Commodore

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