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Discussion in 'Rumbles' started by WOLLIMAUS, Aug 27, 2017.


    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    How about this? If we would have the possibility to get twice the BP's amount in rumbles? Or always in events, ... or an own event only for this once a month for maybe 3-4 days...? :)o_O

    Midoki could also double the BP's for every won attack!!! Maybe not only in rumbles.:D Because some guilds don't rumble.

    I need now/today 72,5 k to get my LP's back in to school, my mystic mortars upgraded and later again 45 k more for the academy level up, PH 11... and more and more for the LP's at PH 11 later. That takes many months or maybe years. :mad:

    It sucks, because the rum and gold for all this i get easily.
    Items for my LP's, i have more than enough at this moment(thanks for the event chests)... but i get not enough BP. 15-23 BP's for an won attack is really not enough.

    example: 15 k BP's Sadie want's to go up to level 20. Why so much?? She is good, i know, but... :eek:, Greenbeard also... and so on.

    I am not the only one with who has this issue with the missing BP.

    Please make it easier for us to get the badly needed BP FASTER. :)
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    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    Am I the only one o_O who needs much more BP's??
  3. Sea Patriot

    Sea Patriot Captain

    Agreed, BP is a huge issue, as well as EP (unless your guild has enough players where funding perks isn't a challenge)
    It really doesn't make any sense to charge thousands of BP/EP for perk funding/LP training.
    It's like Candy Crush where you get to a certain level and you need to ask friends for help or spend real money, and I wasn't going to do that; so I quit playing.
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  4. LoneStarTheJust

    LoneStarTheJust Powder Monkey

    I LOVE THIS GAME. But The BP and Ep problem is the #1 things that made my friends stop playing. The numbers are outrageous for how little you get! I feel like Guild events should give you much more BP. Towers, Perks, legendary heroes, they all take thousands and thousands, yet you get like 12 per battle.
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  5. ElFrenetico

    ElFrenetico Captain

    Help you I can... yes... Google ye the post known as "The Uninhibited Pirate's Guide to Streaking".

    ''Tis the key to big BP, which come in chests. :)
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  6. Omar Ceceña

    Omar Ceceña First Mate

    I would like to see them implement that half time recruiting. Über AWESOME SAUCE!!
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    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    Exiting During Recruiting
    After starting your Streak and receiving your first Streak Buff, you can exit the game safely the next time your troops are training. Always make sure you hit the RECRUIT button before exiting. When you open the game you will be asked if you want to continue your Streak. Click FIGHT to resume where you left off or Cancel to go back to your island and end your Streak.

    I can exit the game, but i can't go back in my village during waiting time and interact with my mates.... and can't receive pirates for my guildship... THAT'S it why i don't streak with the buffs!!! I go back in my village ask for more troops if needed and back in. Sometimes/many times ;):p

    I am out of everything what happens during streaks... and if don't use gems to get faster back in my village... troops costs now 18 gems or waiting time is 54 min and my pc is maxed at ph 10.

    Of course, if i had an second account i could talk to my mates and check if somebody needs help or so- like an captain is supposed to do... but still i can't receive more troops.
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  8. ElFrenetico

    ElFrenetico Captain

    The trick is to streak using the smallest number of troops possible. The way you do this is to drop your rank very low, like almost down to zero, make sure you're stocked up on a fast recruiting pirate like gunners, then seek out bases with exposed pirate halls away from defenses. You can drop a few gunners next to the pirate hall and wait. Once they take it out, that's a victory. You don't need a three star victory for it to count toward the streak.

    Because you're only using a few gunners for each attack, the recruit time between attacks can be just a minute or two. Even if you use gems, you can keep it to one gem per attack by not using more than 7 to 10 gunners. Basically, you can only use as many gunners as you can recruit in three minutes. This number will vary depending on your troop level, pirate catcher level, and how far into the stream you are. Any more than that magic number and it will cost 2 gems to speed the recruit.

    If your rank starts to get too high during the streak, you may have a hard time finding exposed pirate halls, so just lose a few battles intentionally without using any troops to get the rank back down.

    By streaking this way, you can do a streak of 30 victories with about 30 gems, in about 45-60 min. If you need a break, you can exit the game after starting your recruit, but you will lose one of your streak victories. You can take a break without this penalty if you exit right after one of the special numbers of victories that earns you a treasure chest. (5,10,13,15,18,20,25,30).

    This is a pretty cheap way to earn a bunch of treasure chests, which contain a bunch of BP.

    If you don't want to spend the 30 gems, because the recruit time is so low, you can still do a 30 streak in about two hours this way, without spending gems. It will just take more of the patience that comes with not wanting to spend gems. :)

    If you read through that article about streaking, mentioned above, there is a bunch of strategy for choosing the right kind of island to attack, and where to place your troops so you can take out the pirate hall with as few troops as possible.

    If you already have a decent set of pirates trained up, you might bring along a few brutes and ghastly gunners too. Sometimes you'll come across an island where the pirate hall is almost exposed, but there might be one pesky defense nearby, and having these two troop types with you will give you some flexibility vs. gunners alone.
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    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    That sounds easy and simple and works for farming...but.... if you wanna get ALSO a decent amount of ppts in rumbles, then is this way of streaking not very...sorry, i don't know the right word for this... :( you have to do many of this streaks

    Very low PR, much less ppts... i'd like to get for an ph 10, 666-699 and more ppts and for an ph 11 the 726-907(or 997-1047 during the storm) or more, depends on my own PR of course and is it a rumble rival or not. If my PR is to high i have a very hard time to find something from where i get even the 1 star... 550--> almost all are maxed ph 11

    And for this kind of streaking i need strong troops to get the 3 stars victory ;), If i would take only my lev. 41 gunners with me, i get not very far :eek:... because 1 star is maybe 59-79 ppts, 2 stars only the half and this doesn't help my guild in rumbles.

    Sometimes when i find a place where the ph stands without any protection, of course i take the easy 1 star, also in rumbles :p.
  10. Oak Island

    Oak Island First Mate

    As Elf said, this type of streaking can yield chests fairly quickly, and if you don't want to spend gems and do it even faster, just drop an LP on the PH instead of using any troops at all and then the rehire time is zero. I like to use boomer, Jeanne, and sometimes Heston for this. Zero gems and zero wait time.
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  11. Dutchie

    Dutchie First Mate

    I streak all the time... the neighbours give me funny looks!

    On a serious note, I usually do a 25 win streak to get chests but with the BP that I need to upgrade my remaining LPs with, 15k upwards, it takes far too long to acquire and I have lost interest because the pace of acquiring is far too slow...
  12. ElFrenetico

    ElFrenetico Captain

    I definitely don't do these streaks during a rumble, for the reasons you mentioned. I actually need a good 2-3 day break between rumbles to do this, because after it I take a day or so to get my rank back up to rumbling level without spending a ton of gems.
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    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    I did the same yesterday with only 2 gunners ;), i found an ph outside the base :p
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