Does Plunder Pirates have a force field for joining Guilds ?:????

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dplank Beard, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. So as I was being Mary Poppins on my excellent adventures//// i have noticed that even though i can join Guilds i am blocked lol...rankings and every thing is their for me but and invisible wall exists....really takes the fun out of it now...
  2. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    Yes. After several support requests over the years, we recently implemented a blacklist function.

    This means that guilds who have kicked a player, but find that the ejected player keeps on rejoining/attempting to rejoin, can block that player from joining their guild. It means that they can leave their guild set to Open and grow their guild without what they see as repeated disruptive or trolling behaviour.

    All guilds have their own personality and quirks, and it's best for a player to find the ones that match their own, rather than repeatedly trying to join ones where it's been repeatedly made clear that they're not welcome. ;)
  3. ok...that really takes the lub out of it....fair enough...damn those guilds with no sense of humor....thanks for the feedback Lynsey.
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  4. laaafish

    laaafish Crew

    wow really, so how does that work (asking for a friend ;-D) do you ask midoki to put a ban on a certain player but what if they change their name?
    Are they banned from just that guild or from actually joining multiple guilds .
  5. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    A player spending money doesn't mean that guilds are obliged to host them, or that they're immune from facing consequences for bad behaviour - if it did, we'd have the ability to gem through the blacklist, or bans.

    @laaafish - a guild captain can ask for a player to be blocked. We check the chat logs, and if we find a pattern of repeated behaviour, we pop them on the list. Changing their name makes no difference, as its based on ID. If the guild is open, then a blacklisted player will see nothing if they attempt to join. If they attempt to join a guild they've been blacklisted from that's set to request only, then the guild will see that they've attempted to join (as it will pop up in chat), but they won't have the ability to accept them (so newer members can't accidentally accept them by mistake). Captains can request for a player to be removed from the blacklist - for example, if the guild has seen a change in leadership.

    It works on an individual guild basis - a player only gets blocked from joining a guild where the Captain has requested it - they're free to join other guilds as normal. There's plenty of guilds in the game, so I'm a bit baffled as to why anybody would want to join a guild where they're clearly not welcome - unless they enjoy annoying and upsetting other players, which is obviously not behaviour we'd encourage.
  6. @ Lynsey please tell me your not designing Windows 11
  7. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    The blacklist doesn't ban a player from the game, it merely stops a player from joining particular guilds where they've been repeatedly told that they're not welcome. As mentioned previously - all guilds have their own personality and expected code of conduct, and nobody has a right to join a guild that doesn't want them.

    And no, I'm not designing WIndows 11. If I was, I'd bring back the proper BSOD, none of this wishy washy, 'Your PC has run into a problem' nonsense.
  8. kevedge001

    kevedge001 Crew

    and there it is... the consequences of @Dplank Beard actions finally catching up to him. Well done Midoki and thank you @Lynsey [Midoki] , I wont miss the days of waking up to hundreds of messages from this guy spouting a load of nonsense annoying everyone in the process.
  9. Good ole @kevedge001 !!!! ... you talk as if this was yesterday lol....anyway i really love the hundreds of messages...that you say.....stop the love you push....enjoy and may god speed...Madonna wants to curl you hair while you listen to billy ray cyrus while you ride your bicycle and listen to Achy Breaky Heart...End of Line...
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  11. Dear Midoki...please close this line....otherwise i must listen to sheet again....from a bunch of pretentious no it alls/////
  12. Intimidator

    Intimidator Captain

    Omg, this is flipping hilarious! Lol. “Sort of takes the fun out of it now” eh? Haha. Good for Midoki for implementing this function. Finally...
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  13. your just Jealous Intimidator......should have visited you much earlier.......
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  14. should be happy....i found this for you would not have asked this dont be rolling your socks not that easy....
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    WOLLIMAUS Captain

  16. Rum Runner

    Rum Runner Powder Monkey

    As you can see Lynsey .... D is not persuaded to follow any protocols for Civil play... just so you know Brian is an Itt tech and now considers this a challenge to his intellect and ability to skirt around any implementations your team has put in place. I do respect his abilities and must admit he has a pernicious character who does not quit when challenged. So be forewarned... oh and thanks for your dedication to making this game fun again!...Rum
  17. DMYR4 Guild

    DMYR4 Guild Powder Monkey

    Hey Lynsey, Pixelmon here, captain of Wind Raiders. (ignore the DMYR name. thats my husband and our original island, we are up to 4 in our house.) Can we put DAV on our blacklist? he requests incessantly. Everyone in our guild has been told to reject him but sometimes its a couple times a day. He has a habit of being annoying, leaving in the middle of events or rumbles. At first he would join and then leave within a matter of hours only to re-request shortly later. We have regular visitors and they have expressed their dislike of him in their home guilds as well. You may become my best friend if you can get this to work. Or for the greater good of the whole game, maybe just ban him from joining any guild..... Thanks!!1
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  18. PTO Plunderer

    PTO Plunderer Captain

    Just send a request in to support and they will take care of it! I totally get the request
  19. laaafish

    laaafish Crew

    Bit harsh banning from all guilds. It seems rogues is the place to be for all the banned and lost pirates of the plunder world.
    Dav mostly rumbles at the weekend, visits to find a rumble .I've known him to leave part way through, if there is zero chance of winning and his points won't make a difference or he is set for a rumble to join in another guild.
  20. laaafish

    laaafish Crew

    If you miss dplank that much you have to bring up a week old thread, you can join us for a rumble at rogues with your actual account to say hi :D

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