Do we upgrade everything before upgrading the hall?

Discussion in 'General Strategies' started by Syun, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. Raptelan

    Raptelan Captain

    I delayed my PH5 upgrade until everything else was maxed out, and all that means is that now I have PH5, I have a real hard time getting matched to PH5 islands in battles. I end up having to skip past many PH6 and even some PH7 islands to find somebody I stand a chance against. I generally just hit the skip button as soon as I recognize a type of cannon, mortar, or wall my current PH won't allow me to upgrade to. So it seems like NOT maxing everything out before upgrading the PH is actually better for this game, and that's what I plan to do going forward. Plus as others have pointed out it's no fun being stuck waiting with idle builders while the PH is upgrading. Last time I kept them busy with rocky outcrops, but now there are none left... As soon as I get my capacity up enough to store enough gold to afford the PH upgrade and accumulate that much gold, it'll be started...
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  2. Kelani

    Kelani Commodore

    Two tips:

    1. Do NOT max everything before you upgrade to PH6/PH7. You will have many days wait, and if you have nothing to spend gold/grog on, you're going to fill up, get raided relentlessly, and possibly max your storages. Leave stuff that you can funnel that cash into.

    2. I recommend getting collectors to L9 and leaving them there. That is kind of a sweet spot between time/return on investment. personally, I'm leaving all my collectors at L9 until I have nothing left to upgrade in the game.
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  3. Gangrene Beard

    Gangrene Beard Commodore

    I maxed all to every level before I went to each PH, except for my journey to PH 7 where I rushed to PH 7 build as soon as I got to PH6. My reasoning was this;
    The more time I spent in getting everything ready for each level, the more I had chances to learn about the fundamentals of each unit and each building before I reached the max. This is a game that ultimately has an end to it. Eventually I will each stop playing. Why rush to the finish line of a game that begs to be appreciated with a leisurely stroll? My two cents.
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  4. Kelani

    Kelani Commodore

    Same thing I was saying, but for another very good reason. :) It's definitely the right way to play.

    Heed the wise words of Gangrene: Take your time, the game will still be there tomorrow.
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  5. Cpt. Sharkhook

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    Once you get to the ph6/7 you will find that mines and factories are not as beneficial, you don't want your gold and grog held in them because they are "defenses". I leave those at 7 and upgrade my tavern and acadamy, storage units, then my cannons etc...
  6. Landon

    Landon First Mate

    Personally it depends on your play style. I Consistently raid every 30mins or so and get an average of 300-600k per attack on either resources. Because of this, I would upgrade the storages primarily just enough to let me be able to upgrade every building including the PH. (I did this the moment I hit ph6)

    Since I'm on farm mode, my main objective is to hold enough resources raid after raid until my builders are done with my defense unit. Once a defense unit is upgraded, I then proceed to upgrade my walls but I also make sure that I have enough gold to upgrade another defense unit.

    At max of 6mil gold on my storages( for now), it's not enough to hold the vast amount of gold I acquire through the rate in which I raid. I top off my gold storages faster than my builders can finish a defense unit. Because of this, I have to upgrade my gold storage.

    To sum up this strategy, the priority build is:
    1. Hit max PH asap. (Max 4.?mil gold-- this is enough to level up almost every defense structure, but more on this later)
    2. Level up storages based on the rate of resources acquired through raiding. If you fill your storages before your 3-5 day wait, you need bigger storages.
    3. The bigger the storages are, the more gold you can hoard which entails to more walls to upgrade. Reason why I say this is that if a lvl 13 max cannon upgrade costs 1.4mil gold with a 3 day wait, and I have 6mil gold, by the time I get to upgrade the next cannon, I'll have a surplus of 4.6mil to spend on walls.
    4. Go back to reason 1, the higher your ph lvl is, the less limitations you have in regards to spending the gold you plundered. If you were sitting on a 7+ day wait for your ph to finish while everything else is maxed, what can you do with all the gold you have for the next few days? - absolutely nothing, but if you're ph is maxed, your walls will ALWAYS be there and ready for you to upgrade them.
    I've played coc, and I have to change my strategy here slightly, based on what the game lets me. We have no penalties here so it's less harder to max out your island. I've started this game late September and within 3 months. I'm about to max out my base, minus the bone walls. I've only spent $9.99 to purchase the builders.

    Hopefully, this helps and this could just open another avenue on how to attack the game on a different angle.
  7. But you have to be 24/7 online for this to work or you will get raided like you have never seen before. You are currently 154 rank, but that doesn't safeguard you from other who are near maxed.
    And not everybody has the time and motivation to do this. Also the only way I can raid every 30 minutes is if I use buccaneers, which I haven't upgraded very much. Any other combination makes it at least 45-60 minutes for one raid.
    It's been a while since I've been that low in rank but I can't believe you can get bases with 300-600k loot with just bucs or low level troops.
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  8. Landon

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    10 brutes, 20 gunners. 33minutes. I spend about 2-3mins looking for a 300k+ resource base between the ranks of 150-250. If you looked at my base, I've been sitting at 6 mil gold for over 24 hours waiting for my damn cannons to finish building.
  9. Still requires you to stay online 24/7. Or else you will get raided in no-time. So please let me know when you log off. Then I will personally drop down to help you with that 6 mil
  10. Landon

    Landon First Mate

    nah! stay up there.. someone did attempt to take it, but failed miserably. Anyways, since one of my builders have finished with its job, it did fund my wall charity and upgraded one of my cannons ;)
  11. Landon

    Landon First Mate

    This was yesterday's raids, time intervals varied cuz I was at work :eek:


    And this was this morning. For fun.. why not hit a 400k grog base?:p


    But yes, there plenty of strategies to upgrade. In the spirit of the holidays, I'm sharing. :D;)

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