Do we upgrade everything before upgrading the hall?

Discussion in 'General Strategies' started by Syun, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. Syun

    Syun Crew

    What is the general consensus do we upgrade everything (walls, cannon) before hall? Or leave the cannons to a decent level then hall so grogs and gold can be upgraded for more money? Also you can only fight pirates with your same level correct?
  2. Kit

    Kit First Mate

    I took some of the practices from CoC into this game, and upgrading pretty much everything before PH was one of them. I've noticed however that, due to the difference in the number of players between both games, I don't get raided nowhere near as much as in the other game. I suppose that for now you could "get by" with not upgrading some of the things that are crucial to the other game's gameplay. I'm thinking walls, mostly, here.
  3. Edward Kenway

    Edward Kenway Captain

    Also, note that when upgrading defenses as cannons, mortars, they will still fight for you when someone is attacking you.
    in CoC there were in a ''building state'' and could not attack while upgrading. Here they attack even if they are building which is soooo good imo. In CoC it was kinda annoying, especially when you upgraded your air defenses and got ass-kicked by some dragons.
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  4. Pirate Fear

    Pirate Fear First Mate

    I literally just started and following exactly what I did for CoC. Hopefully it goes well! :)
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  5. The real reason for maxing everything out in Clash of Clans before upgrading your town hall was due to the loot penalty. Since there is no loot penalty in this game you could make an argument for upgrading your pirate hall a little faster.
  6. zag

    zag Crew

    I'm not sure that there is an advantage though. While yes you can hold more loot, it's not like you get lots of new stuff to build for cheap. This game is about upgrades, not doing them puts you at a disadvantage.

    Also in CoC the TH variable protects your loot from higher players. Not here, so insufficient weapon damage and Range makes you a target for more people both the lows and the highs. Being able to hold loot and keeping it are not the same.

    I'm at PH4, and right now the weapons are the fastest upgrades everything else is in the 10 hour plus range.

    I have noticed an oddity; I'm pretty sure I'll be done with Gold upgrades long before the Grog upgrades. Even if the Guild hall can be bumped to 3 and the blacksmith as well, my academy and Voodoo upgrades won't be even close to maxed.
  7. Paldubeast

    Paldubeast Powder Monkey

    This is one of the good thing in PP.

    I have a little OCD in this games. I upgrade all my buildings, defenses before i upgrade my PH.. I feel uncomfortable when something is left out.
  8. SirVin

    SirVin First Mate

    If You Want Tips
    1 Focus On Your Mines And Distillery's First
    2 Max Out ALL Of Your Defenses For You PH LVL (Cannon's,Mortar's,Bunker's,etc)
    3 Then Upgrade Buildings : Academy's,Taverns,Guild Hall,etc(If You Want To Upgrade Them I Usually Do)
    4 Up Your PH Time :)

    Hope This Helps;)
  9. Edward Kenway

    Edward Kenway Captain

    I actually focus on the Acedemy and tavern first, especially the tavern so that I get more units.
    I just got to PH4 and the first thing I did was to build an outhouse and upgrade the tavern before anything else since you get 10 EXTRA units spots. That is 25-35 which is a huge difference. At least if you pvp a lot, which is atm the best way to get resources. I also noticed that questing is very rewarding.
  10. SirVin

    SirVin First Mate

    I Rely On my Mines And Disttileries To Get Resources
  11. Edward Kenway

    Edward Kenway Captain

    Ye it depends how you play. I'm focusing on my resource collectors too atm.
    I will get about 180k/24H if I upgrade them to 7 i believe, which is not bad at all for PH4 :)
  12. SirVin

    SirVin First Mate

    All Of My Mines and distillery Is Lvl 7 and Get about 50.000 Everytime I wake up
  13. Edward Kenway

    Edward Kenway Captain

    Is lvl 7 when you get the dark brown ceiling? on the mines i mean?
  14. SirVin

    SirVin First Mate

    I think so
    And Only Couple Of my Mines And distillery Is lvl 7 the rest lvl 6 Bc waiting for them to be upgraded
  15. Edward Kenway

    Edward Kenway Captain

    Yea I got 1 lvl 7 mine atm. They are cheap but they take like 7H to build so I prefer upgrading them before I go to bed. Upgrading smaller stuff during the day to get more done. :D
  16. SirVin

    SirVin First Mate

    I only upgrade one per day the the other builder build small things when about to go to sleep Use All Builders To Up Mines And Distillery
  17. Big Booty Beaches

    Big Booty Beaches Powder Monkey

    I can only get around to playing about 15-20 minutes a day right now, so I just put my ship out on the waters, upgrade anything I can, and put it away. I am only PH3 though, and all I have left to upgrade is building my first 25 walls as well as finishing all the Academy level 2 training. I think I that I will do all of those before upgrading my PH though. As well I noticed I like to have enough gold so that when the PH is upgraded I can upgrade my boat first thing and get more exploring done!
  18. zag

    zag Crew

    Well for what it's worth. I'm out of stuff to spend Gold on at PH4 but have about 2.5 million worth of grog stuff undone. Crazy.
  19. Well I have a very nice idea for your gold.. I can send my little niece to sell you some cookies and steal that money from her afterwards. Then I will use it to upgrade my cannons *Insert mean laughter here*

    Raiding gets me 180 k in like 1/2 hour. And my mines will work anyway. So it's the pirate life for me AHOY!
  20. zag

    zag Crew

    I do like cookies.

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