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    Sadie was based on Sadie O’Farrell, a 19th century New York gang leader who loved the idea of the Golden Age of Piracy so much that she took to piracy on the city’s rivers. She earned the nickname ‘Sadie the Goat’ due to her habit of headbutting victims before relieving them of their valuables. Sadly there are no records of her actually ever owning or riding a battle goat.

    Sadie’s standard behaviour is to target the nearest object with her long-range pistols. Her special ability, ‘I’ll Get Me Goat’, sees Frank targeting a section of wall and charging it at her command. The pair will always destroy at least one layer of wall, and training allows her to take out additional segments of tougher walls.

    Visually we wanted Sadie’s appearance to pay tribute to her Victorian origins, as well as her love of piracy. Originally she had no goat, and was going to charge and headbutt walls herself, but we faced the issue of having her quite hard to track without scaling her up massively. So as she was called ‘Sadie the Goat’... we gave her a goat. Because goats are cool.

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