Dead fish, no reward?

Discussion in 'Exploration Bugs' started by Marmaladesix, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Marmaladesix

    Marmaladesix First Mate

    Is there any way to look up battle stats with the fish, ships, etc the way you can when you attack/are attacked by pirates? I sent my ship on a journey last night and this morning I've got a dead fish in my path but I didn't get any loot for it. It's *possible* I collected loot before I actually fell asleep, but counting back squares in my journey I'm pretty sure I was asleep before my ship got to the fish and I've got the same number of pirates on the boat. This happened to me once before, too. Thanks!
  2. placo

    placo Crew

    Theres no guarentee for gold/grog/gems/BP or EP from any of those guys on the map. Ive been told the big & bigger fish give tons of BP but now have killed over a dozen and got nothing! There are other threads talking about this same thing. The worst is exploring for a 13 hour voyage and beating a 4 star something and clicking the reward to find out you got an amazing grand total of 400 grog!! WTF!! Cant even make 1 gunner with that lol.
  3. Marmaladesix

    Marmaladesix First Mate

    Tell me about it. My guild members have been getting some good loot from these guys, but the most BP I've ever gotten is 100. That academy upgrade is going to take me years...
  4. Hope they tweet this in update , more stuff to do for BP be great. They may want you to play for years then hmmm bravo admins. Devs. Well played ;)
  5. ll DarkZero ll

    ll DarkZero ll Captain

    I just got 2,000 BP from a 4-star Big Fish last night. It varies for every battle but the Fish have the best chance of dropping BP. For a 4-Star Bigger fish I've gotten 750 and 1,000 BP. 3-Star Big and Bigger Fish can drop 100 BP and 2-Stars you can you can get 10 BP. Again nothing is certain, these are just what I personally have gotten. Everything else on the map (Serpent, Kraken, Ships) usually give Gold, Grog, Gems and EP.

    Basically you need to fight the higher levels to get the most BP. I've never had a problem with rewards not showing up, however there were a couple times awhile ago where my Ship would return in my village and I could collect my units but would still be sailing on the map. This hasn't happened lately so it might have been fixed.
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  6. There is a drop % they have thats been programed it's not random but zero info seems to be about right. Im sure the devs or admins can tell us if they haven't already the drop ratios on stuff.
  7. Denis

    Denis Crew

    I got 1000 bp from 4skulls sea serpent and only 200k grog from 4skulls ghost ship
  8. Bear

    Bear Commodore

    Sometimes a fish spawns in your path after you start it and you will get no reward. This happened to me with the witchy squid.
  9. Kelani

    Kelani Commodore

    Those fish really do seem to like some people more than others:

    Kel's Recent Fishing Stats (Newest first)
    4* Bigger Fish 500EP, 1,000BP
    4* Big Fish 1000EP, 1000BP
    4* Bigger Fish 2 Gems
    4* Bigger Fish 500EP, 1,000BP
    4* Bigger Fish 500EP, 1,000BP
    4* Bigger Fish 500EP, 1,000BP
    4* Bigger Fish 500EP, 1,000BP

    Unlucky Guildmate's Recent Fishing Stats (Newest first)

    4* Bigger Fish 500EP, 600BP
    4* Bigger Fish 8 Gems
    4* Bigger Fish 4,000 Grog
    4* Bigger Fish 500EP, 100BP
    4* Bigger Fish 2 Gems
    4* Bigger Fish 500EP, 100BP

    And somehow, he still has more BP than me! :mad:
  10. Ashraman

    Ashraman First Mate

    I am replying to the initial post. Yesterday I killed a Level 3 Sea Serpent, but no loot was granted and no troops lost. In fact, the usual gold skull pop-up over the Serpent's corpse did not ever appear. In all sea battles in PP, at least a single unit is lost, and the result here was clearly the result of a bug.
  11. Salty Snack

    Salty Snack Captain

    This happens when it re spawns in your path after you've set sail. It shows a battle but there really wasn't one. Prevents your sail from accidentally becoming suicidal.
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