[CONTEST] Design a Plunder Pirates jack-o-lantern

Discussion in 'Fan Forum' started by AngryBeard, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. AngryBeard

    AngryBeard Community Manager

    It's creative time! The second part of the contest:

    Halloween is coming (or already arrived in the game) and in order to celebrate the spooky festivity we want YOU to get creative. So go and carve a pumpkin out and make it go from boring to piratey awesome!

    Now that the first part of the contest is over, everybody has once again the chance to win one of the famous plunderpacks. But now there will be 3 of them!

    How to participate:

    • Carve a Plunder Pirates themed Jack-o-Lantern!
    • It has to be original, made by you and submitted by you in this thread!
    • Take a picture preferably at night and with a candle glowing inside ;)

    Now whip out the carving tools, knifes and ice-cream scoops and start carving the most spooky, piratey or even cute jack-o-lanterns that the world of Plunder Pirates has ever seen!

    Good luck everyone. :)

    The contest will run until Monday the 3rd of November 6pm GMT!

    Good news everyone, we digged up a pirate chest and it contained some booty what we are going to spread out amongst the first 3 places. Here are the prices:

    1. Place - 900 gems + Plunderpack
    2. Place - 500 gems + Plunderpack
    3. Place - 200 gems + Plunderpack
    Good luck again!

    Last edited: Oct 26, 2014
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  2. Gangrene Beard

    Gangrene Beard Commodore

    Let's get it on!
  3. One-Eyed Willy

    One-Eyed Willy First Mate

    happy carving
  4. Gristle

    Gristle First Mate

    Good Gourd! Time to go get me a pumpkin!
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  5. AngryBeard

    AngryBeard Community Manager

    There will be gems!

    1. Place - 900 gems + Plunderpack
    2. Place - 500 gems + Plunderpack
    3. Place - 200 gems + Plunderpack

    Good luck!
  6. Gangrene Beard

    Gangrene Beard Commodore

    Sweetened pot! Excellent!
  7. Gristle

    Gristle First Mate

    Watched pumpkin carving on the Food Network last night (I know, I need a life) to get some tips. Going to give it a shot later on today!
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  8. Liquix

    Liquix Crew

    Aww, such a godlike prizes and I won't be able to participate ._.

    E: You know what.. I'm gonna watch some tutorials and do it for the first time in my life, haha.
    I'm probably gonna be the first person in the north of the country I'm livin' in who will have a pumpkin in front of his house ;)

    E: Though.. I don't even know where I could get a pumpkin from here, but I'll try to get one :D

    Question: It should be clear visible that it's a Plunder Pirates Pumpkin, right?
    A random "pirate-pumpkin" will not make it?

    Suggestion: Maybe it would be better if we would have to send our pictures per PN?
    So no one could take each others idea.
    The winner-pumpkins would be published in the end of course.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2014
  9. AngryBeard

    AngryBeard Community Manager

    I think sharing creativity triggers creativity. There might be "similar" submissions anyways, so I don't see a reason why to make this hidden.

    About the Plunder Pirates theming, I guess we can take this rather liberal, right? Nobody here is a professional pumpkin carver ;) Don't stress yourself, just have with fun with I'd say.
  10. Gangrene Beard

    Gangrene Beard Commodore

    I have many ideas....must...focus
  11. I know that this wasn't exactly what you had in mind, but I have had great fun in putting it together... :)
    Hope this can be considered in the running with the other entries!

    And this wasn't just flash in the pan, I've had my island stronghold like this for 2 days now, and intend to keep it until Hallowe'en is over... even though I have a lvl 7 PH. I like to think it is giving a nice surprise to folks as they come across the island while raiding... Heh...

    (Edit: I think the image will work now... :) )


    Update: Oct. 31
    Since setting my island like this almost 5 days ago, I've been attacked 16 times and to my surprise only lost 5 of them. I don't keep the shield up though on those occasions or folks couldn't visit... I'm growing fond of it!
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2014
  12. AngryBeard

    AngryBeard Community Manager

  13. Lol I think he should win something for his clever play on word...halloween_lol
  14. Gangrene Beard

    Gangrene Beard Commodore

    He already won the precontest!
  15. Gristle

    Gristle First Mate

    I did? Is there a huge cash award?

    @Black Beard won not moi!
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2014
  16. ll DarkZero ll

    ll DarkZero ll Captain

    Breaking News: Contest is over. Sorry to everyone else but it is official, I have indeed won the contest with my perfect pumpkin. You might be suspicious because of how great it is but rest assured, no trickery was employed in the design of this prize winning pumpkin.

  17. Gangrene Beard

    Gangrene Beard Commodore

    Wow.....just....I'm flabbergasted. Dumbfounded. Awestruck. Yup. You win.
  18. One-Eyed Willy

    One-Eyed Willy First Mate

    [​IMG]Captain Kitty on Flickr

    Had a hard time uploading this but here it is! Haha, Just wanted to get the party started with the first hand-carved Plunder Pirates inspired Jack-o-Lantern!

    Happy Halloween all!
  19. ll DarkZero ll

    ll DarkZero ll Captain

    Not to be outdone I improved on my original creation.
    "But Zero, how can that masterpiece be even better?".......HATS!
    "Zero, did you fashion a pirate hat out of plunderwear?" Great observation matey!

  20. Liquix

    Liquix Crew

    @Black_beard Has it been carved by you?

    Btw. I'll later mention why I asked whether it's neccessary, that you can recognise, that it's really a Plunder Pirates Pumpkin.
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