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Discussion in 'Build Improvements' started by Perin Jhaveri, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. Perin Jhaveri

    Perin Jhaveri Powder Monkey

    There are some things that would prove really helpful to the users and also enhance the gameplay!
    1. GLOBAL CHAT: This feature is something that urgently needs to be taken into consideration! This would give so many privileges to the users! Especially advertising your Guild would be made a lot easier! Also, searching for a good guild.

    2. RUMBLE CHAT: A Chat box where all the opponent Rumbles would be able to chat! A nice place to challenge your opponents! This would create a competitive environment.

    3. BETTER TRAP SET-UP: If we put our traps far from our other buildings, we see that a new patch of land is formed around it! When we attack, we see small patches of 'green grass' totally empty! This is not possible unless you have traps set up there. This makes traps senseless! YOU HAVE TO CHANGE THIS SOON!

    4. EDITING WALLS: It would be really handy if we don't have to tap 100 times to place 100 walls and just select it's potrait and slide our finger block by block to place them where we want to!

    5. MINOR BUG FIXES: There are some bugs that need to be patched. When we tap the 'Coming Soon' block in the market, It shows 'Complete Relevant Quest to unlock'! Fix it! Another one is on the Exploration map! The block R18 is blocked by piece of lands on all the four sides and is not at all reachable! Fix this too :)

    Thank You.
  2. Daddy P

    Daddy P Captain

    1. Developers already dismissed this. But I agree, is a needed feature.
    2. I think this might get nasty. If developers are afraid of Global Chat, they definitely won't go for this. Just look at the forum fighting. Yikes!
    3. Agree.
    4. Agree.
    5. R18 is clearable. My map is 100% cleared. Some tiles you have to clear an adjacent tile.

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