Cannot create a brotherhood

Discussion in 'Guild Bugs' started by Sietes, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. Sietes

    Sietes Powder Monkey

    Ahoy pirates!
    First of all, Im using a BQ Aquaris E5 HD, running version la 4.4.2.
    Thing is simple: 100.000 gold disappear everytime i create a brotherhood! I got everything filled up, i clicked "accept" and it always shows the same error: "fill up fue descrption of the brotherhood".
    Boom! window closes and gold banish! (Already tried 3 times!)

    Thanks for your time!
  2. Ian

    Ian Commodore

    Hi Sietes,
    I would contact they should be able to resolve this for you.
  3. Christy

    Christy Commodore

    Ok dumb question but what is a brotherhood :oops:
  4. Ian

    Ian Commodore

    Secret all-male guild?
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  5. Tex

    Tex Commodore

    I think the problem is you're playing the wrong game. Plunder Pirates calls it a guild.
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  6. Bear

    Bear Commodore

    It might be a localization thing. Lost in translation
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  7. Sietes

    Sietes Powder Monkey

    It's a lost in translation thing. I'm playing the right game! : )

    Edit: I follow your advice Ian, thanks a lot!
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  8. So mote it be

    So mote it be Powder Monkey

    Same issue here.. but support hasn't contacted me yet

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