Cannons give slight knockback

Discussion in 'Build Improvements' started by Skye, Jul 19, 2015.

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    As an idea for the inevitable PH10 upgrades, it would be cool if the next level of cannons (+Ship cannons!) gave a slight knockback to troops. Not as much as a mine or a mortar, but maybe a half tile, maybe even less, and maybe scaling with troop size. I get that across 8 cannons this adds up, and could push them out of targetting range allowing them to retarget a different troop, but it would be really neat to see them push troops away.

    Tanking troops could get AC abilities to reduce/eliminate knockback, or maybe WD could get an ability to shield them from knockback inside the bubble, to balance things out (I'd opt for AC abilities over WD bubble myself).

    But if you think about it from a logistic perspective, yeah I get that normal guns won't really knock someone back given how small the bullets are, but if you got hit with a cannonball, which has a large amount of momentum, I don't think you're going to be in the same place after it hits you, even if you are wearing a barrel and weigh two tons.

    I also know that there are going to be lots of -1 saying its OP, given the firing rate and number of cannons, at least if things aren't tweaked right. But I challenge you to catch a firing cannonball without a little bit of pushback before saying no! It would have to be tested and worked out to be balanced properly, but it would add a bit more realism to fights, and the ability to disrupt troop formation slightly more would be a neat twist.
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    I like the idea, but one observation: when a person gets hit with a cannonball or other large high-speed projectile, they'll either explode, or get a large donut hole punched in them. :)
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