Can we have a "Bartering Post" where guild members can swap or donate items from their silos please?

Discussion in 'Guild Improvements' started by SuperAngryWombat, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. SuperAngryWombat

    SuperAngryWombat Powder Monkey

    How would you guys like to be able to swap or barter silo items?
    I thought it could be like the silo, where it could be upgraded or enlarged, then you could have a time limit, or a value limit per day to keep it in check?
    But could be a guild only item, then possibly the more trading/bartering the members do, there could be a monthly reward or something similar?

    What do you think?
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    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    I would really like it, because we players on lower levels could get from our guildmembers which have maxed their legendary pirates already many very useful items. They don't know what to do with the items... because... there ARE NO NEW legendary pirates!! And also no upgrades for the "old" ones.

    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    Dont read if you need very badly haunted saphires... you will gonna cry :eek:
    For example.
    Because two of our members (and other ones) got Sadie maxed with the saphires and Dont need them anymore, only much, much inks for the last level.... they have to "sale" to get other items in the siilo for other legendaries. 30 pieces the one guy and the other one today already 27 haunted saphires. And so on....
    Give us please the swap or tradingfeature in our guilds!! Limited ammount per day perhaps??

    Many of us needs items... and the bp. I could get 5 of my legendaries in school... but I have NOT enough bp. It needs a very long time to get it... ONLY 5000- 10000 for every pirate... and it gets more worse later.
    Many things could go better and faster forward.... and the siilo wouldn't be stuffed also with unoppend chests
  4. LoneStarTheJust

    LoneStarTheJust Powder Monkey

    Great Idea!

    SZPILA Powder Monkey

    Additional perks for selling materials like 'Hanted Sapphire' Name of the building: Commodity Exchange Perk
    Activation perk: 20 gems for 7 days (max for pirate =25% - cost 5 gems).
    In this building you could trade materials with each other. Transaction cost: 1 gem for the bidder. Trading in the form of bidding. After 24h wins the best offer.

    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    Why with gems to get it going? Of course... Midoki listens finally and makes the changes we ask for, money talks...o_O and why bidding? we get the items for free from chests, sailing... and what you offer... gems, gold or an amount of grog?

    I wanna help my guys and get help, not make a business with the items. Why not so, you put 5 in and take five out? Or one rare item = 2 commons? How sounds that? and NO gems!
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    SZPILA Powder Monkey

    I think we have to remember that MIDOKI is not a charity. My proposal was real, but if they agreed without gems, it would be wonderful. :)
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  8. Slim Hawks

    Slim Hawks Crew

    I think this is a great idea too -- perhaps gems for trading the items that are rare, and not for the common ones (or fewer gems). Midoki has been generous with free chests in events so much so that our silos are bursting and this would benefit not only the game makers but also the players.

    SZPILA Powder Monkey

    Bravo. That's a great idea. Everyone perk ride is powered by something else. This could be a rare material.

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