Can we expect any big updates soon?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SkimPappa, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. SkimPappa

    SkimPappa Powder Monkey

    1. Will we fill the empty spots in the legendary fort?
    2. Will we see a new map?
    3. Will we see ability in the trade ship to allow us to trade EP, BP, Materials with others in our guild?
    4. Can we have an ability to build a guild island? Allow every member to donate defense, walls. People, and then challenge other guilds to fight it? Or some method of guild super fight vs another guild ?
    5. Any method to encourage guilds to welcome new members so the game can continue? If everyone boots new members in order to complete events and rumbles, then the game dies with no new members. Maybe special guild buffs per pirate hall level. That a guild can only get if it has at least one member of each pirate rank and they enable the buff? (Reduce pirate load by 5%, increase toughness by additional 5%, increase pirate speed by 2 %, or some other buffs to encourage allowing lower ranked pirates in a guild. Maybe 25% of perk buffs must be funded by PR 7 and below
    6. Any new pirates?
    7. Boomerang pirate?
    8. Allow a “challenge” fight with members of the same guild, to assist with training and learning effective pirate island layouts
    9. $9.99 to reduce pirate loading times by 15 percent
    10. Option to save battle videos to device
    11. Stats menu after event, (10 rumble average battles per person, average guild score during rumble, % of change for member compared to last 5 similar events, 10 rumble rolling average points, 10 rumble donation average, # of lost at sea sails, percent of 1,2,3 star wins, etc)
    12. We spend 7 days working in event just to return to no stats screen? No info on how well we did? What the heck!
    13. Top 5 members that donated pirates during event
    14. Each member donates pirates and the captain or QM does a super battle and a video auto shares the result
    15. Auto Correct/spell check in game chat!
    16. Default guild language setting, allowing guild searching to filter by language
    17. Maybe an icon to allow members to chat with the other guilds involved in a rumble
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  2. MorganFlint

    MorganFlint Captain

    Wow skim, great list! :)
    I especially like #s 1,3,5,8,10 &11 ☺️

    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    That is my absolute favorite :) it would be a awesome great new feature in the game, because like it is now, kind of outdated and i certainly(and many other players) don’t take risks to loose 24 PR for a failed attack on a layout which is new for us and not trained how to attack it for a win and if it even would be a 1star ;).

    I don’t understand why that feature hasn’t been applied already in Plunders. The older device excuse maybe can’t be used in this case, coz many of that players also plays other games ;) which have that feature.

    Myself, i really would like to have the possibilty to practise on different layouts and also to get the timing right without loosing troops and PR.

    WOLLIMAUS Captain

    The event summary we got a long time ago when event was finished and we logged in for the 1. time after it ended(all rewards claimend). But with a update it vanished i think. Now u have to be online to see at least yours. If even that.

    I have noticed, that when i don’t claim a reward i get the summary when event has finished and a reminder to claim the reward, but i am not sure can u see the whole guild contributions then or only yours. Maybe u should check them a bit before event has finished, otherwise u won‘t see them.

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