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Discussion in 'Build Improvements' started by Maxmillian, Sep 19, 2014.

  1. Maxmillian

    Maxmillian Powder Monkey

    Is it just me or anyone else is having hard time to recognize the different buildings?

    E.g. builder hut, grog storage, gold mine in various levels cannot be distinguished one from another just by a quick peek. Sometimes I find myself really confused when I want to raid someone with different building levels than I have, because they look completely different.

    I believe this may need to be tweaked ... Or is it indeed just me, then I probably need to be tweaked ;-)
  2. Chriso2000

    Chriso2000 Powder Monkey

    It happens to me too :/
    When I'm raiding, sometimes I don't have enough time to actually plan my attacks because I don't recognise buildings.
    All I have to say is such is life....
  3. Natemz

    Natemz Crew

    I think it just takes time to get accustomed to the looks of the buildings. I'm finally starting to recognize them now. Plus, the 15 seconds to plan an attack is too short. Hopefully they increase it to 30 seconds soon
  4. I agree I may have lost a few raids or not 100% victory due to the quick glimps of the islands you get when deciding to raid them or not. 30 seconds would be a better time to spot that someone has more defences than you first thought.I keep getting caught like that then I start the raid only to spot the cannons are either a higher level than they first appeared or there's a mortar hiding that I would have seen with a few more seconds to view the layout.
  5. ll DarkZero ll

    ll DarkZero ll Captain

    This happened a lot to me early on also but like Natemz said, you get used to the looks of certain structures. As for not spotting defenses, you can use that to your advantage such as hiding cannons and mortars next to large structures or decorations, so if the player doesn't get a good look you can take the enemy by surprise.

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