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    What can I use to defend my island?
    You’re going to need some heavy artillery if you want to defend your island from attacking pirates. Build some guns and blow their men down!

    You can find details on the weapons at your disposal below. Upgrading your Pirate Hall will allow you to build more of each weapon. Additionally, each item can be upgraded individually to increase its attack power and the amount of damage it can take.

    Cannon - The pirate's favorite weapon, your island is going to need a few of these to keep the attacking hordes at bay. Positioned strategically and upgraded to maintain maximum firepower, they can strike fear into the heart of any enemy daft enough to invade your island.
    Requires: Gold, free builder

    Gun Tower - What's better than one cannon? That's right, two cannons stacked on top of each other. So, welcome to the gun tower. Not only does it have multiple cannons, it can also fire in multiple directions. Awesome! Upgrade and it can only get better.
    Requires: Level 2 Pirate Hall

    Mortar - What goes up must come down, and that's the beauty of the mortar. Fire the shell high above the attacking forces and watch destruction rain down on their heads. And the added splash damage makes the mortar a formidable weapon.
    Requires: Level 3 Pirate Hall

    Wall - With your island constantly under attack from rival pirates, defences are key to your survival. And the first line of defence is a wall. Placed strategically they can be the difference between protecting your horde and losing it all to Davy Jones.
    Requires: Level 3 Pirate Hall

    Bomb - Buried deep in the ground, this devious trap waits for unsuspecting pirates to wander too close and then... BOOM! They never saw it coming.
    Requires: Level 2 Pirate Hall

    Bunker - This fortification is unique, equipped with a rapid, directional-fire cannon. Line them up and watch the interlopers fall.
    Requires: Level 4 Pirate Hall

    Stun Mortar - Charged with mysterious voodoo magic, this mortar will stun the attacking pirates. Totally disorientated and oblivious to the plan, you might think they'd spent a night on the grog. Upgrade to increase the stun duration.
    Requires: Level 6 Pirate Hall

    Stun Bomb - Plant a few around your island and when triggered watch them pop with voodoo magic. Stunning every pirate in the vicinity it's sure to bring any attack to a grinding halt.
    Requires: Level 5 Pirate Hall

    How do I increase the amount of gold and grog I can hold?
    Plundering more than you can hold eh? A good problem to have! Gold and grog storage is the key to keeping all of your hard won riches, and increasing the amount you can spend at once. You can find Gold and Grog Storage under Resources in the Market. After these are built, you can upgrade each individually to increase their capacity. Also, upgrading your Pirate Hall will allow you to build multiple storage buildings.

    My gold/grog stores were full and I tried to collect more from my mine/distillery. Did it just disappear?
    No! Wasting gold and grog is punishable by death on some islands! If you tap your mine or distillery, you can see that the “Collect” button appears at the bottom of the screen. That precious stuff will be waiting for you as soon as you have enough room to store it.

    If the icon about your mine/distillery turns red, then you have resource to collect but there's no where to move it to as your storage is full. Build more and you'll be free to empty them.
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