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Buddy System for powder monkey's

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sibeto, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Sibeto

    Sibeto Crew

    Hello all,
    I was having a recent conversation with "Lady McQ" and we got onto the topic of improving gameplay experience for the newcomers.

    McQ suggested a type of "Buddy System" so that the fresh blood, may learn from those with experience to help them on the right path.

    This is a chance for us, the community ! to help retain the fresh blood from quitting our much loved game. With anything in life, we all need fresh blood to keep things thriving.

    What does this entail ?
    1. Let the new comers join your guild. Alternatively read "2"
    2. To have a method of contact, so they can ask you questions at any given time (within reason).
    3. Don't forget what seems simple to you, may not seem simple to them. Some may not of played this type of genre before.

    Let's now start to put down our names to become a mentor and or a powder monkey.

    Info needed (Powder Monkey):
    1) Location/Timezone
    2) Age (Not mandatory)
    3) Free to play/Gem spender.
    4) Casual or hardcore gamer.
    5) Previous experience in the genre.

    Info needed (Mentor):
    1. Location
    2. Try to keep the method of contact in a pm/dm.

    Hopefully @Midoki can help with the advertisement of this post with some type of ingame news, as this is where the main audience is.

    Please leave the relevant information in a comment below.
    Thank you to all for your time :)

    ***To be edited, for a list of available mentors***

    Powder Monkey's:
    ***To be edited when we have some***
  2. Sibeto

    Sibeto Crew

    IGN: Sibeto
    Location: England (Gmt time)
    Availability: Whenever i'm not a sleep ;)
    Contact Method: PM/DM, Various chat apps i use and of course good ol' fashioned email.
  3. McQ

    McQ First Mate

    Not sure this was what I said. The point I think I was trying to make to you was the difficulty in new players finding a home. A lot of the long term players have stuck with the game for as long as we have more because of the friends we've made playing and the community. Finding a guild that is active, while also suitable for your level is difficult when you start.

    The forum isn't exactly active like it once was either - with either old players still knocking around, or newbies to find it. My suggestion to you I think was some sort of large training guild that players go into automatically when they start a new island. Maybe you limit how long they can stay there while they find their feet in the game (ph4?) then they move to a guild. Existing guilds could post in there the requirements and activity required to join them. Veterans could also visit to help developing players.
  4. Sibeto

    Sibeto Crew

    You still inspired the idea ;)
    I would love to see some sort of feature like that implemented, however i don't know if Midoki would, I see many many requests a day, as you know from your visit to AOP. I think they would need alot of guilds to sustain the high traffic in new players, the problem is they do 1 attack and never play again. We need some way to get them talking, get them attacking and then the addict bug grabs ahold !
  5. McQ

    McQ First Mate

    Well they have never seemingly made a better way of people to search and find guilds. This has been requested numerous times over the years. You either pick from the random list given (no one has been able to tell me how that's populated - other than it's random). So you either choose one of those and hope for the best (Or that you even get accepted) or type in random search words and see if something comes up.
  6. Sibeto

    Sibeto Crew

    I have a good understanding of the "Join a guild", however the feature needs a big fresh update. I think more parameters for guilds and those searching for 1 need to be implemented.
  7. Blueberry

    Blueberry Captain

    many of the top guilds have looked at implementing training guilds before, the trouble is it is a lot of work - you, as a high level player, either need to be ok being in a guild with very low level pirates and long waits on perks, or little baby buccs in your guild ship... or you need to have a second account, which is not usually fair to the guild, as it is not your main. It is doable, but I know from experience it is a lot of work for a small percentage of players that stick at the game and rise up through the ranks.

    The other downside having high level players mixed with low level players is that the rumbles are very unbalanced and demotivating. Just one PH11 in a guild will put you in a draw with potentially the top 10 guilds.

    The theory with training guilds i have been involved in, was to open up your 'top' guild to new players and redirect them... lots come in and never speak, lots never make it to the training guild.

    I am not sure what the answer is. I do agree something to help players find a decent guild would be great. However, I think some of it is common sense though, if the player is enjoying the game they will maybe find the forum, see names here, look at joining some alliance guilds where there are chat apps to get involved with the higher level players etc. That's what I did when I first started playing anyway :)
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  8. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    Not random! IIRC, the intial parameters are:

    * The guild has an active Captain (has logged in within the last two weeks

    * The guild has free spots available (obviously!)

    * The guild is set to 'Open to all' or 'Join by Request'

    * The rank requirement set by the guild is suitable for the searching player

    Then it presents guilds that are a mix of sizes, for different types of player (some will want to immediately join a bigger guild with lots of people, others may want to join a smaller group). I believe it also takes into account Pirate Hall level, so a level one player will never be presented with a 40+ player guild that's PH11 only, but could be presented with a 40+ guild with a more diverse membership.
  9. McQ

    McQ First Mate

    We had a resting/retirement guild with all maxed ph11 bases - it was left open and we had I think 30-40 brand new baby bases join within a 2 day period @Lynsey [Midoki] until we closed the guild.
    The captain did log in intermittently but not much and most accounts in the guild were inactive. I'd guess we came up in the suggested guild list or they wouldn't have found us.
  10. Lynsey [Midoki]

    Lynsey [Midoki] Senior Designer Staff Member

    Hmmm, I'll take a look to check that everything is working as it should be.
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  11. Sibeto

    Sibeto Crew

    I have done alot of guild hopping lately with my mini me. There is so many dead guilds out there, one player had been inactive for 930 days !
    Those guilds had pretty much 100's of days of inactive, with some new powder monkey within it. After the event, i will try to do the same again and take screenshots.
  12. Cocobean

    Cocobean First Mate

    Another very helpful thing would be to find a way for new islands to grow faster. To me, it means better rewards. Maybe tournament play with much larger prizes. It takes so long for a new island to get to even PH10 let alone 11. Players get frustrated and give up. Many of us "old timers" started at initial launch. So we all grew together. It was fun and exciting! But for new players now? A very long grind.
  13. Scarlet Fever

    Scarlet Fever First Mate

    Yeah it would be good to see some help for those new players coming into the game as well as those that have returned to the game after a break. I was quite clueless when I first started and was lucky to find a helpful guild. Maybe completing daily tasks to help new players get up to ph7. That might give them a fair start in the game and could get rid of those that attack once then vanish.
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  14. I've been off and on this game for years now. The last time I was out my guild died off without their Captain(me). So now I'm back yet again cause I love The game. What I am doing now is jumping around to various guilds, making new friends and helping where I can. I responded to a. Ew post on the forum about a new guild with rookie players and I agreed to join them and help out for a few days. I don't mind and kinda enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience. I agree it has been empty as of late and I for one would love to see not only this game continue but even regrow into the glory days again.
  15. Becker Redbeard

    Becker Redbeard First Mate

    By Midoki search standards, the inactive guild would have had:
    -An 'Active' Captain (2 weeks), Open spots, Open to All, and presumably the Rank Requirement was set low(?).
    Nothing in what Lynsey said would sort by PH levels in the guild. To avoid the Newbies, just would have needed to set the Rank Requirement higher.
  16. McQ

    McQ First Mate

    Read the entirety of Lynsey's post.

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