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Discussion in 'General Improvements' started by Red Privateer, May 21, 2016.

  1. Red Privateer

    Red Privateer First Mate

    It has long been my contention that Plunder Pirates (and the entire MMO Strategy genre to which it belongs) works by introducing new variations, new elements, in to gameplay, so that it is no longer "Send a dozen choppers, when one will do. Build walls, twice as high as you need. Build fast, and defend faster." That's an arms race, and has limited appeal (of course, there is the whole "cheaper than therapy" line of thinking that keeps me coming back, but that's a different story.)

    So what are your ideas for @Lynsey [Midoki], @Beck [Midoki], @Chris [Midoki], and everyone else at Midoki for new features, new pirates, etc? My thoughts:

    Treasure Hunt mode: Two random teams of player (three? five?) fight across an island to capture an enemy base for a chest. In short, this is implementing Vainglory in the Pirates world. Yeah, I know, not easy. Basically each entrant picks one of their legendaries to fight across the landscape. Option: Range is nullified, everyone shoots within a two or three unit range.

    Kraken legendary: Yes, it's a Kraken. When deployed, it swims underwater to one of the base's ships (Guild, Trade, or Pirate ship) which it attacks (imagine a cool animation akin to the one used during exploration). After attacking the first target, it attacks adjacent, abutting armed platforms (turrets, pounders, etc.). Pros -- very effective at taking out ship, doesn't take damage from the ship, only surrounding defense; Cons -- like the HG, it will not take that much damage.

    Dragon legendary; flies to top of highest defense (not the Pirate Hall), starts shooting. Again, doesn't take much damage because it is immune while in flight.

    "Election Seat" -- Spring loaded trap. Draws in multiple pirates thinking there is treasure, then throws them in random direction and distance. Level of trap determines distance, number of pirates attracted to it. Optional -- while other traps are one and done, maybe this is a mystic trap and resets itself since it does not cause damage?

    Phantom Corsair -- Think Caesar's fireballs. These are ghost like units that ignore walls and go straight to an armed (turret, etc.) or resource (distillery, storage) unit, cause a little damage, and then bump off in a random direction to the next target. They cannot be attached by regular defenses (but perhaps are vulnerable to mystic weapons?), but they don't cause much damage and return to their world after a set period of time. They cannot be resurrected by WDs. You can only have a limited number of these (8?)

    Other thoughts folks?
  2. Super-Nor

    Super-Nor Captain

    I would like to see "challenges".

    For these one is given a specific set of pirates at a predefined training level and a puzzle base to destroy with only those pirates. No guild ship or LP from the player.

    This would be a way for folks to train and understand the way our little robot pirate friends work.

    Rewards for these might be a pick one choice of a few things: gold, grog, BP, EP, randomized materials or gems.

    If Midoki income is an issue then charge a gem for taking the challenge.

    I could see bragging rights for this since no person has any advantage by extra gemming, it is all learned skills. "Hey guys! I just completed challenge #50!"
  3. cmooneey

    cmooneey First Mate

    - More events! Like Thunderstruck but continue to make new events and have the old events more often. Make events that focus around the map... having to sail to something like a stronghold and defeat that island with the remainder of the ships troops. Making the player have to think about the troop composition both for sailing and attacking.

    - Weekly bases developed by the game makers... again like the strongholds but a new one every week. Make it difficult or puzzling. Give the base 4 ground pounders and a really difficult lay out.

    - Trade ship comes every Friday but at this point everyone has almost everything they need off of it. Offer something new when it arrives. Maybe a treasure map that when purchased, either by gems or maybe even EP you can overlay on your current map and it will send you to a stockpile of treasures at the outskirts of the map. I'm not sure how it would impact the game but we might also be able to purchase "buffs" through the tradeship... increasing distilleries output by 5%, increased defense points for gold/grog storages for those building up there bases. The trade ship was fun and exciting mostly at the midpoint but now has little to no functionality to most people.

    - New walls to get rid of current pink colors.

    - New perk idea: something like a grave pit. While maybe a little too morbid still a great idea for functionality. Let's say this new perk is roughly the size of the pirate catcher. A couple grave stones scattered about, but also either a visible or hidden pit that pirates could fall to their death in. This could depend on whether you decide to "re-arm" the grave site or not. So in that sense it would act as a weapon on defense. On the offense aspect of the perk you would take a idea from CoC ... I only played for a short time but when you attack I think some of your troops come back as gravestones on your base. Now all the pirates that you send into battle don't die but they don't come back, maybe all the bone piles get taken back to your island and dumped into the grave site. Then you would use the perk to redeem a percentage of grog spent on your dead troops. You would either be able to collect it right away or save it to cash in later... somewhat like the distilleries now. Someone might do a 25 streak come back and not collect the grog only to be attacked and lose it all by the attacker destroying/raiding the grave site. It would add an interesting twist, a new perk, and a way to help the always constant problem of grog both through out the game as well as for those at high ranks struggling with expensive troops and rank pushing.

    - Guild Wars!

    - Chests for rumble prizes! Or add milestones to rumbling. Maybe every 100k in earned rumble points earns everyone in the guild a chest of some sort. This would help for those guilds that get matched with a dominating rumble guild, and discourage them from throwing in the towel.

    - A new Academy pirate or two. Someone that is useful enough that it can somehow change the dynamics of how the game is played now.

    - Add varying levels of height and materials to the island. Maybe you can use the builders to raise the level of the land to an extent... so your Pirate Hall could be in the middle of the island, up a hill overlooking the base. The troops would be slowed down by having to climb the hill... again making the sky raiders more useful again. This all seems like a lot but you could then add even boulders that roll down the side of the mountain/hill inflicting damage to pirates.

    I think all of this is stays true to pirate theme and could really shake up the gameplay. Which as many of approach 600+ days in the game is becoming ever more necessary.
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  4. awbo

    awbo Captain

    Guild wars
  5. G0189a

    G0189a Powder Monkey

    How about some simple things. After a high number of attacks you have the initial screens skipped to load the game faster.

    Or a thief high level skill like maribelle to disappear and reappear near some grog. Similar to shadow skill but faster to get the loot.

    Or guild wars on the high seas. Team vs team boarding ships.
  6. Red Privateer

    Red Privateer First Mate

    Specific folks. How would "Guild Wars" work (for example)

    And no more with the walls! Bigger walls does NOT alter game play and doesn't make it more interesting. It just means more of the same (even if the dragon skin colored walls are, um, not what I would prefer).

    @Super-Nor and @cmooneey -- I like the challenge idea, but lets make it easy for @Chris [Midoki], @Lynsey [Midoki], and @Beck [Midoki].

    I would suggest to them that they pull some stats for each level of Pirate Hall -- which bases resulted in the highest number of attacks, multiplied by the percentage of the base destroyed, where the percentage of the base is under 50% (or perhaps the inverse of the percentage with the percentage is between 15% and 49%?) Each week they look at the top five for each PH and Pick One in each category as that week's challenge. The selected base is presented to each Captain for just the weekend with up to 4M resources (i.e. PH10 is 2M Grod, 2M Gold, PH 2 is 2k Grog, 2k Gold) Each Captain is presented the base that corresponds to their PH + 1 (i.e. PH1 gets a PH2 to attack, up to PH 9 and PH 10, which both get PH 10). Like Exploration bases, you get several chances to destroy the bases (3?), unlike them, you get no resources if you destroy under 50%.

  7. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    I'll take this as an event suggestion thread.

    How about an eclipse event where night mode is forced on, all troops are deployed with an immediate cloak (breaks on contact with water after landing or after hitting a building), and both offensive and defensive ranges are cut significantly (since its night time you can't see as well!). Gunners/Heavies/Airborn Raiders would be nerfed as they would be acting as close range troops, and melee troops would shine as defenses couldn't target them until they hit melee range and broke their cloak, and defense ranges would be decreased to begin with. Also, as WD range would be cut, it wouldn't be as important of a troop. Perhaps eliminate minimum range on defenses for the time being so melee troops didn't become too overpowered.

    Gunners and HG are currently the most utilized troops, and many melee troops don't get to play more than a minor supportive role, so it would encourage people to start playing more with neglected troop types.
  8. Red Privateer

    Red Privateer First Mate

    Event suggestions do qualify....
  9. Floki

    Floki Captain

    More than one ship not two maps but 20 much bigger island.
    Adventure mode with s chain of bases to overcome like we have had on maps but much more indepth.
    Bigger longer battles as well as the ones we have ie an island more three times as big with triple the troop numbers set as pie rat legions..... So much more could be done!
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  10. Ultimate Sea Dog

    Ultimate Sea Dog First Mate

    Event: Royal Navy Attack
    Description: during this time, Royal navy ships sail at a rate of 1 tile/hour towards your base. they start from the edge (A24) and move center, destroying monsters on the way. Once the ships reach your base, they attack. If you get 1*ed, you lose 1 mil gold, 2* takes 1 mil G&G, and 3* takes everything from your base.

    Royal Navy Soldier
    HP: ~200
    attack: ~50
    Speed: 15
    range: 3
    Special Ability: Bravado: Speed and attack up
    Royal Navy Gunner
    HP: ~400
    attack: ~100
    Speed: 15
    Range: 6
    Special Ability: Seasoned Soldier: Increases Damage Done by 50%
    Royal Navy Commander
    HP: ~600
    attack: ~125
    Speed: 16
    Range: 8
    Special Ability: Commander tactics: buffs nearby units
    Royal navy Captain
    HP: ~2000
    Attack: ~200
    Speed: 13
    Range: 2 (bomber-ish)
    Special Ability: Explosive Attack: charges into base, breaking walls, and explodes, dying and stunning nearby troops.
    Royal navy Admiral
    HP: 5000
    Attack: ~500
    speed: 20
    Range: 10
    Special Ability: Admiral's direction: calls over and buffs 20 soldiers, 10 gunners, 5 commanders and 2 captains. This ability stacks.

    An army would be 30 soldiers, 20 gunners, 10 commanders and 5 captains, with an admiral.

    What do you think? Comment below!
  11. Ian

    Ian Commodore

    I like this idea.. You could move from a beach landing, securing the beach. Moving inland taking various forts and strongholds, picking up tips and resources as you go...
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  12. Skillzone10

    Skillzone10 Captain

    I would like the Guild Ship and LP Fort physics to be altered, allowing for Sky Raiders to fly over them. This will definitely change the way people look at attacking, and urge people to rank higher, as the same ol' L Shape layouts would be wiped out. People would depend on creativity, as not each layout would be as powerful and effective as they are now. From there, Midoki can work towards battle events, and other features, as more people are urged to attack, and challenge themselves while still finding it fun and worthwhile. And yes, I know that this change is in the works. Also, this makes lots of anti SR users want to experiment with them, very similar to the event. All in all, I find it is a game changer, and what seperates it from the rest is that it is so easy to do. Anything to make the game more interesting.
    I also agree on changing up the way the game looks. Make more objects and features customizable, besides the LP outfits. Different wall colours, weather and colour of the game, etc. Obviously, wind direction sort of changed things up, but it is still not where I would like the features to be. All in all, I can't really disagree with any of the ideas put forward by all. Great thinking!
  13. Skye

    Skye Commodore

    Sky Raiders can already fly over GS/Fort/Ship if they are destroyed. The destruction animation has to be finished BEFORE releasing the SR (the same as any other tall building, if its still falling when you launch them, they may fall out of the sky), but after that, they happily fly over as long as they are sent from a good location.

    Since the GS can be destroyed with 2 well placed SR (maybe even one with streak/outfit buffs!), you still have 6-16 leftover that can easily fly over it and cripple the base. Send them one by one, the GS will fall easily, and then the rest can sneak over!
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